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Aug 26, 2013


The Zulu Walk by The Mighty Mocambos Feat. Afrika Bambaataa…
...Charlie Funk, King Kamonzi. Captivating.

Aug 11, 2013


Star Wars Medley by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens
Skyrim, Game of Thrones and now Star Wars!

Aug 8, 2013


Lise Sinclair, Fair Isle poet and singer, has died
A very sad news, she was so talented and had such a beautiful voice...

Aug 6, 2013


Jazz Keyboardist George Duke Dies at 67
He was a legend long before he died, and will be a legend forever now. Listen to 'Brown Sneakers' uploaded just a month ago...

Aug 4, 2013


Hip-hop can’t stop, won’t stop in Burma
In Myanmar, hip-hop culture has already taken hold

Things move slow. And the country is still pretty conservative. But now people are really open to new things, showing different stuff that would be normal in America

21-year-old rappers Ash and X-Box explain the challenges that came with creating hip-hop culture in a military dictatorship.

Read article on GlobalPost.

Jul 28, 2013


Donna Summer: My Life (Live Edit)
Always inspired by Summer's voice...

Jul 20, 2013


Jazz musician Carline Ray dies at 88
Ray was a Jazz guitarist and activist who championed for better recognition of women in jazz...

I would rather be taken seriously as a musician, and the fact that I’m female — I just happen to be female, that’s all.

Sep 3, 2012

Works / Projects

Martial Solal and Sidney Bechet have been samazed!

I like to draw some Sama everywhere I can. On a piece of paper, on photos, on CD covers… You can see some on them on this post: When I heard Hugh “Peanuts” Whalum, I closed my eyes… and on this one: Dianne Reeves: Good vibes, and Good work. This time I chose Sidney Bechet / Martial Solal Quartet Complete recordings. As a huge fan of Martial Solal, I had to samazed him ‘on the fly’, in the literal sense of the word. Plus I think it would make a perfect piece for the ‘Pimp My Jazz’ contest by Radio TSF Jazz. Don’t you think? 😉 Talking about Jazz, I’m working on this new project I will soon unveil. Some of you have been asking about it and now there is a clue right before your eyes! ^_^  

Oct 20, 2011


The Neutrino Song by the Corrigan Brothers

Remember last month? Neutrinos and the Speed of Light on the Front Pages! A month has passed and now: Faster than light particles? Not so fast, some say.  “Since then, their work has been met by a barrage of criticism. Physicists claim to have found flaws in the group’s method of recording the speed of the neutrinos, and they say that correcting for these flaws slows the neutrinos to less astonishing speeds.” While physicists argue on the method and the results, Corrigan Brothers and Pete Creighton came with a brilliant idea: The Neutrino Song. And I’m not kidding, this song is about neutrinos and how amazing could be the discovery if it was to be confirmed. The music is good, the lyrics are fun and science topics are seldom subject matter in songs. Just watch the video and listen! –Geek Music Certified–      

Oct 8, 2011


Imany, a beautiful voice in a beautiful body

When I first saw Imany, I thought: ‘What a beautiful woman!‘. Then when I first heard her sing, I said: ‘What a beautiful voice!‘. A former Ford model, Nadia Mladjao, also known as Imany, is now a successful folk/soul singer born in France (her parents are both from the Comoros islands). Don’t be fooled by her lovely face, Imany has a deep, dark haunting voice some people compare to the one of Tracy Chapman. Imany cannot leave you indifferent. Just listen to her first single ‘You Will Never Know’ (video below) and you will be hooked and want for more! Visit Imany’s website here.

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