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Syria chemical attack

France’s position is that there must be a reaction, a reaction that could take the form of a reaction with force… …if Syria is proved to have used chemical weapons against civilians. France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius, on French BFM TV channel. More
Stop investing in genocidal Sudan

Divestment. I already mentioned it several times on this Blog (tag: Divestment for more), as well as the work done by Investors Against Genocide. Marc Gunther is a veteran journalist and writer whose focus is business and sustainability. He is editor at large of Guardian Sustainable Business US and is the author or co-author of four books. He recently ... More
The hard truths we must swallow: Rwanda is wreaking havoc in Congo

Alice Gatebuke is a Rwandan genocide and war survivor, Cornell University graduate, and a human rights activist. She is a co-founder of African Great Lakes Action Network (AGLAN). She wrote on Pambazuka News: After sixteen years of invasion and intervention through proxy groups, it is still difficult for people in the international community to accept that ... More
Zhangye Danxia, China

Joe Hanson, It’s Okay To Be Smart. More
Tagwa Badredine Al-Hum, Sudan’s Smartest Girl

On September 3, 2011, Tagwa Badredine Al-Hum’s family was celebrating a holiday near their hometown of Damazin, the capital of Blue Nile state in Sudan when airstrikes began to pound the city. The family packed their few belongings—along with 13 cows and goats—and fled to a refugee camp across the border in Ethiopia. Eventually, the relatives ended up ... More
The United Nations’ Responsibility for the Haitian Cholera Epidemic

This report addresses the responsibility of the United Nations (U.N.) for the cholera epidemic in Haiti—one of the largest cholera epidemics in modern history. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the evidence that the U.N. brought cholera to Haiti, relevant international legal and humanitarian standards necessary to understand U.N. ... More
China’s Non-Interference Policy and Growing African Concerns

Two weeks ago, I read an interesting article on African Arguments by Alula A. Iyasu, the Managing Director of Bridge International, Corp.,  an investment and trade advisory group with a focus in Sub-Saharan Africa. Iyasu provides a great insight into China’s non-interference policy and its economic relations with Africa: Non-interference policy has been ... More
Out of Africa: The minerals that make the world go round

From laptops to cell phones, cars to airplanes, all kinds of everyday products are made using minerals that come from Africa. It’s no exaggeration to say that the world depends on Africa’s natural resources. Those resources are crucial exports for many African countries, and while resource wealth doesn’t always benefit ordinary people, ... More

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