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Martial Solal and Sidney Bechet have been samazed!

I like to draw some Sama everywhere I can. On a piece of paper, on photos, on CD covers… You can see some on them on this post: When I heard Hugh “Peanuts” Whalum, I closed my eyes… and on this one: Dianne Reeves: Good vibes, and Good work. This time I chose Sidney Bechet / Martial Solal Quartet Complete recordings. As a huge fan of Martial ... More
Street Art : 26 artistes se liguent contre la publicité

Le monde du Street Art s’en prend à la société de consommation illustrée par la publicité. Dans cet article publié le mois dernier sur le site FranceTV, le propos est clair et sans détour : ‘C’est une première au monde : 26 street-artists internationaux se liguent pour dénoncer l’invasion de la publicité. Baptisée ... More
Kandaka: Resurrecting the Sudanese Queens

This article was published on Sudanese independent online magazine 500 Words, ‘an amalgamation of various thoughts and opinions on Sudanese society, culture and life. It is concerned with the opinions of the Sudanese youth on all things regarding the two Sudans.’ Once again, it is an intellectual pleasure to read one of the many articles ... More
In: Misc.
Rubik’s Cube for the blind

I first read about the Rubik’s Cube for the blind on Yanko Design a while ago: ‘This current iteration uses only Braille. Colors embossed include green, blue, red, yellow, white & pink. One of the more sensible concepts in a long time that hopefully will delight the sighted folks too!’ Last month, Maria Popova (whom I’m following on ... More
The League Of Extraordinary Women

Last month I read on Fast Company website : Meet The League Of Extraordinary Women: 60 Influencers Who Are Changing The World. Ellen McGirt writes: ‘The previously untold story of how an unprecedented network of high-achieving women from the world’s largest companies, innovative startups, philanthropic organizations, government, and the arts ... More
In: Misc.
The revolution in Sudan and the ‘villains’

Why is the Sudan revolution being ignored? I’ve been asking the question for a while now and we have to face the facts: recent protests in Sudan have received little to no attention from the media. Since 1989 and the first article I wrote on Sudan, I have seen and heard many things. Or maybe I haven’t seen and heard enough to say the truth. In ... More
In: Opinion
Higgs boson: our understanding of the universe is about to change

I’m not saying it, CERN is: Higgs within reach – Our understanding of the universe is about to change… Scientists may have found the so-called Goddamn particle, eventually. Or at least what we would expect to see from the decay of a Higgs boson, which is part of a theory first proposed by physicist Peter Higgs in the 1960s. But scientists ... More
In: Science
Support #SudanRevolts and take action!

My interest in Sudan started with Omar-Al Bashir’s military coup in June, 1989. I was young teenager but I knew it would change the fate of Sudan and its population forever. Since then, I always kept an eye (let’s say two) on the country, doing my best to raise awareness on the situation, especially when the Darfur genocide happened, and more ... More
In: Misc.
Contemporary Art, Ben Ali and religion collide in Tunisia

As Tunisia is (slowly but surely) getting back on its feet, two events happened last week. They may not seem to have any connection but they do. It first started with the exhibition ‘Printemps des Arts‘ at the Abdelya Palace in Tunis curated by Tunisian artist Meriem Bouderbala (I mentioned her in my post -in French- about an exhibition last ... More
Dexter and Morality: Is Dexter Moral?

In 2007, I wrote about the TV Show: Dexter and The Shield: bad is good. When I first watched the show, it did feel right, I explain it in my article: […] Some people would say killing serial killers or child molesters is OK, some others may think Mackey is doing right using the same methods the gangs use in the streets. I’m against death penalty and ... More

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