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The Sama Gazette launched, new layout for

A quick post about the Sama Gazette: the News Website has officially launched and everyone can now have access to it. It has been months in the working but The Sama Team has finally tied up the loose ends on this project and has launched the Note that you can also follow the Sama Team on Twitter. I hope you will enjoy the place and the ... More
In: Misc.
Leonard Cohen: poetry and musicality for all of eternity

Leonard Cohen holds an important place in my life, from an early age. I clearly remember ‘Hallelujah’ and even if at this time, I didn’t understand a word of what he was saying (my mother tongue is not English), I was already fascinated by Cohen’s voice. His tenor, half-octave voice perfectly fits his music and the meaning of his ... More
In: Music
Summer updates and the mysterious project partly unveiled

This time of the year is very calm and even if I will take a couple of days off in August, the Blog will still be updated. I mentioned in my previous post the many projects I am currently working on; among them, one directly concerns my next show and another one is an ‘online project’. I know I caught your attention with this mysterious ... More
A brand new World of Sama Art Website has opened

It’s online. The new World of Sama Art Website is now opened to everyone. Back in April, in my post: Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!, I granted access to regulars of this blog to the ‘under construction’ website. I hope the ‘privileged’ ones appreciated this opportunity to see some of my works that ... More
In: Misc.
60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary Initiative fulfilled!

Last November, I launched the ’60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary Initiative’ on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to support the Every Human Has Rights Campaign initiated by The Elders. As you may have easily noticed, the landmark U.N. document is still not fully respected around the world. This ... More
People of goodwill against the rest of the world? Maybe…

The world is complex and the more we try to simplify it, the more difficult it is to see the large picture in its full complexity per se. This rule is applicable to politics, religion, science, economy and to our daily life. Oversimplifying a situation or an issue by making hasty generalizations will undoubtedly lead to inaccurate conclusions. And basing a ... More
In: Opinion
Burn Notice Vs Leverage? I’d better get burned!

It has been a long time I didn’t talk about TV shows, last time was in June 2008. Since then I had the pleasure (well it is not always such a pleasure…) to watch new shows and I have had some great surprises. Among them is ‘Burn Notice’, a comedy-drama/action show created by Matt Nix. I wasn’t expecting much from this show, ... More
Romy Schneider, an everlasting star has been ‘Samazed’

In February I presented you my last work, the ‘Movie Stars’ series of portraits (Cary Grant, Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Marlene Dietrich… Samazed!). Since then, you commented abundantly about this series and I received a lot of emails; so I think it is time to show you one of these portraits. I chose an Austrian-born German actress who also held ... More
Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!

Here we are. The second blog’s anniversary. I am amazed. Truly. When I look back when this blog was launched, I wasn’t convinced of the interest of having a blog. Like I said, I am not into blogging, I am unable to write about my personal life and give personal details which are the most important component of any blog. But I must admit this ... More
In: Misc.
The Sama’s dirty little secret revealed: it’s Samacaron fever!

Here is an exclusive news for all Sama lovers, something you wouldn’t have thought about, ever. Something that will surprise you and maybe even shock you. If you thought you already knew everything about the Sama, then you were wrong, something was missing. The Sama’s dirty little secret has been revealed and I think it is my duty as their ... More

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