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Shamsia Hassani: ‘Art is stronger than war’

Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistan’s first female street artist, emerges as a spokesperson for women’s rights in Kabul. Art Radar spoke with the artist to find out more about visual arts in the post-conflict capital and her drive to prove art is stronger than war. Throughout history, Afghanistan has withstood various assaults from outside nations due to its ... More
Sunday Roundup: Sudan, particles, Gil Scott-Heron

New Visual Evidence of Government of Sudan War Crimes in Abyei. Here we are, again. Al-Bashir is back, alive and kicking. Hard. Again. And unlike in #Darfur, this time we have proof of what is happening right now, thanks to the Satellite Sentinel Project: ‘The Satellite Sentinel Project (SSP) has released new visual evidence that the Government of ... More
Voices on the Rise: Afghan Women Making the News in Paris

A few weeks ago, I have seen an exhibition at Dorothy’s Gallery in Paris titled: ‘Voices on the Rise : Afghan Women Making the News – Des voix qui portent : l’actualité par des femmes afghanes’. The exhibition was dedicated to Afghan women working towards the reconstruction of their country from all fields: journalism, art, ... More

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