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Person of Interest: what if The Machine was real?

I love watching  TV shows and I already mentioned the long list of the ones I wouldn’t miss. I lately started to watch Person of Interest, a crime drama television series from CBS: an ex-CIA hitman and a scientist team up to prevent crimes before they happen. Honestly, I didn’t like it until the 6th or 7th episode. It looked a lot like Burn ... More
The return of Burn Notice, Dark Blue, True Blood and Mad Men

I really enjoy watching TV shows. Unfortunately, Ugly Betty, 24, Lost and Heroes are no more. Not to mention Bryan Fuller’s whimsical Pushing Daisies! So what is left to watch this Summer? Luckily, several of my favorite shows. Burn Notice is on my top list, I already wrote about the show: Burn Notice Vs Leverage? I’d better get burned!. If I ... More
Burn Notice Vs Leverage? I’d better get burned!

It has been a long time I didn’t talk about TV shows, last time was in June 2008. Since then I had the pleasure (well it is not always such a pleasure…) to watch new shows and I have had some great surprises. Among them is ‘Burn Notice’, a comedy-drama/action show created by Matt Nix. I wasn’t expecting much from this show, ... More

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