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Aug 19, 2013

Design / Art

Seen and Banksy collaboration
Miss Van and Ciro Schu in July, now Seen and Banksy. Awesome.

Aug 4, 2013


Hip-hop can’t stop, won’t stop in Burma
In Myanmar, hip-hop culture has already taken hold

Things move slow. And the country is still pretty conservative. But now people are really open to new things, showing different stuff that would be normal in America

21-year-old rappers Ash and X-Box explain the challenges that came with creating hip-hop culture in a military dictatorship.

Read article on GlobalPost.

Jul 23, 2013

Design / Art

Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary on Kickstarter

Soon, it will be the 30th Anniversary of the airing of Graffiti Rock and through your contributions, we will re-master the 1 inch broadcast video tape of the show (on to DVD) as well as produce a new, feature length film called Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story. Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story will be an in-depth documentary that captures the memories and reactions of today’s Hip Hop celebrities to first seeing Graffiti Rock, and how it impacted their lives. The documentary will also capture the “behind the scenes” making of Graffiti Rock, as well as my own personal experiences and accomplishments as a Hip Hop Pioneer, helping to introduce Hip Hop Culture to New York’s Downtown Art Scene and eventually to the rest of the world. Support on Kickstarter!

Jul 22, 2013

Design / Art

Shamsia Hassani: ‘Art is stronger than war’
Hassani is Afghanistan’s first female street artist, and is a spokesperson for women’s rights in Kabul

Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistan’s first female street artist, emerges as a spokesperson for women’s rights in Kabul. Art Radar spoke with the artist to find out more about visual arts in the post-conflict capital and her drive to prove art is stronger than war. Throughout history, Afghanistan has withstood various assaults from outside nations due to its prominent location amid Central Asia’s trade routes. In contemporary times, the country has faced military advances from Russia (1978-1989) and currently, the United States (2001-present) in response to terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Read full article on Art Radar Asia

Jul 16, 2013

Design / Art

When Miss Van and Ciro Schu meet in London
I love Miss Van's work. Great collaborative artwork with Brazilian artist Ciro Schu!

Full article here (Spanish).

Aug 12, 2012

Design / Art

Street Art : 26 artistes se liguent contre la publicité

Le monde du Street Art s’en prend à la société de consommation illustrée par la publicité. Dans cet article publié le mois dernier sur le site FranceTV, le propos est clair et sans détour : ‘C’est une première au monde : 26 street-artists internationaux se liguent pour dénoncer l’invasion de la publicité. Baptisée “Brandalism”, contraction de “brand” (marque) et de “vandalism”, leur opération fait du bruit ces jours-ci outre-Manche. Pour cette campagne de subversion inédite, qui coincide avec l’avalanche de réclames pour les J.O. de Londres, ces anti-pub ont détourné à leur profit durant cinq jours une trentaine de panneaux publicitaires de Manchester, Londres, Birmingham, Leeds et Bristol.’ Une action que l’un de ces activistes, Bill Posters, qui a notamment détourné le slogan ‘Just do it!’ en ‘Just Loot it!‘ explique sans détour: ‘L’industrie de la publicité fait pression quand elle manipule nos besoins et nos envies. La pression d’avoir…Read more

May 4, 2012

Design / Art

Keith Haring, some ‘Hiéroglyphes’ and a Google Doodle

Keith Haring was an artist and social activist, and he directly influenced me as a teenage artist. Last year I had the chance to go to the Musée en Herbe in Paris and see the show ‘Les Hiéroglyphes de Keith Haring’. It was clearly aimed at children with puzzles and games but Haring’s work was everywhere. I had a great time seeing the paintings, prints and murals. I even bought a black and white Keith Haring watch and a small pin (I like goodies) as a souvenir of this wonderful afternoon! Google is celebrating the 54th birthday of Keith Haring with a homepage doodle in his honor. I though it was the occasion to write again about the artist (my posts mentioning him) since he is among my favorites. Below, a photo I took of one of Haring’s mural.

Apr 17, 2012

Design / Art

Sgraffiti, graffiti and now moss graffiti

Five years ago, I posted about graffiti and its origin: From sgraffiti to graffiti, from Cauchie to Seen. I mentioned French artists like Lokiss and Bando and also Futura 2000 and Seen. But if graffiti is about scratching a design into a surface, sgraffiti is about scratching through one layer of pigment to reveal another beneath it (a technique still used by remarkable Morocco’s artisans with intricate and carefully carved stucco). British street artist Paul Curtis (a.k.a Moose) creates graffiti by cleaning dirt from sidewalks and tunnels; this is the contemporary form of sgraffiti. So if you thought graffiti was only about spray painting, you were wrong. Now (it has been a couple years) it is also about eco-friendly materials like moss. Anna Garforth and Edina Tokodi are moss graffiti artists and their client list includes banks, design schools and galleries. I would consider moss graffiti artists more like stencil artists like Miss.tic or Blek Le Rat than strictly…Read more

Mar 15, 2012

Design / Art

Miss Van’s Dolls, tattooed and ‘crocheted’

I am a huge fan of French graffiti artist Miss Van and her sultry female characters. I really love them. All of them. So much I’m even wearing a t-shirt (which is now sold out) of one of these characters as I write this post… Among Miss Van recent projects, artist Ramon Maiden is ‘tattooing a Miss Van beauty’. You can see a picture on Facebook and I wish I could ‘samaze‘ (you know, drawing some Sama on her sexy body) this beauty too! Last January, Olek, the amazing crochet artist, and Miss Van had a special epic moment together in the old Barrio Gotico, Barcelona. Watch the video below and you will see Olek’s work put on the face of a doll. Don’t miss Olek’s chairs at the end of the video! I invite you to visit Olek’s website for more info on her work.

Jun 17, 2011

Design / Art

Mythic Miss.tic in Paris (with da-eYe)

This woman is more than that. Miss.tic is a modern legend. I managed to see one of her show in Paris, eventually. For years I admired her stencil work in the streets and enjoyed her clever aphorisms mixing puns, wordplay and double meanings. I mentioned her in my previous post titled Grandmaster Flash, Seen, Jordans… Remembering the good old days! and each time I see one of her stencils (more and more in galleries, less and less in the streets because of the laws against graffiti), it brings me back to the 80s… At this time, there were not so many women in the graffiti world but #Miss.tic was there, her female characters were sexy with sometimes suggestive poses. But most of all, they had something to say, about women (and human) condition, insolently questioning our society. So yes, I am a big fan of Miss.tic’s work and personality. She…Read more

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