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About artists who don’t make their own work

Every once in a while, I read articles about artists who don’t make their own work. The most recent one was published last month on BBC website: ‘Hockney takes a swipe at Hirst technique’. Hockney, 74, has a poster advertising his new exhibition (David Hockney: A Bigger Picture, opened at the Royal Academy in January) which reads: “All ... More
Sunday Roundup: Abyei, Ai Weiwei, Artmaking…

U.N. probes absences amid Sudan clashes. Since Northern Sudanese forces seized Abyei, many rightfully think northern and southern fighting over Abyei could reignite a full blown war in #Sudan. And we thought U.N. peacekeepers in Sudan would protect the people of Abyei from the attacks; apparently we were wrong. According to Reuters: ‘U.N. peacekeepers ... More

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