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Japanese Sumo Robots: The Art of Fighting

Robot-sumo is a sport (yes, Wikipedia got it right) in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a circle (in a similar fashion to the sport of sumo). If I’m not really into Sumo wrestling, I’m definitely into robots (like this Real Life-Size Wall-E Robot), more specifically into sumobots. I’ve seen some battles, with robots ... More
Forget the jet pack, here come PATS and PAVs!

Sometimes you wish a  news was true, especially when it comes to single seater personal air transport or jet pack. Do you remember the James Bond movie Thunderball? I wanted to have my own jet pack so bad after I watched  Sean Connery use one to escape the bad guys! And now this may be a dream come true: Jetpack Adventures, based out of the Galleon ... More
Stanley Kubrick, Jacques Tati, Blake Edwards et Fritz Lang

Quand la Cinémathèque présente mes cinéastes préférés : Stanley Kubrick, Jacques Tati, Blake Edwards et Fritz Lang. Tous ont été ou bien vont l’être prochainement, mis à l’honneur par la Cinémathèque Française. L’occasion donc de revenir sur ces cinéastes emblématiques de leur époque qui tiennent une place toute ... More

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