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Fast cars and Hollywood stars

Sometimes you read CNN and an article catches your attention. It happened recently with Fast cars and Hollywood stars. Al Satterwhite is a long-time photographer who has shot for major publications and corporate clients alike. Satterwhite’s latest project, “The Racers” is a limited edition printed edition as well as a digital book stemming from his ... More
Steve McQueen: Bullitt chase scene GPS tracked

Last February I posted an article about car chases: Car chases in movies: Bullitt, Terminator 2, Mad Max 2…. I mentioned several movies with great chase scenes like Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Thelma & Louise, The Blues Brothers, The French Connection, Grindhouse/Death Proof… And of course, Bullitt. Steve McQueen driving his Mustang GT390 at ... More
Car chases in movies: Bullitt, Terminator 2, Mad Max 2…

I’ve already talked about gun scenes in movies (From Scarface to Smokin’ Aces: the art of the gun scene), now it is about car chases in movies; it is not a genre by itself but some chases are classics. In my opinion, Bullitt (1968), with Franck Bullitt chasing the bad guys, up and down the steep hills of San Francisco for almost 8 minutes, ... More

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