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Fafinettes: Jeanette and Claude, but still no Irina…

A quick post about my new toys. I just received (better late than never…) 2 new vinyl Fafinettes, Jeanette and Claude. They are nearly 8 inches tall (19 cm approximately) and the figures are exact creations from graffiti artist Fafi‘s sketches. The toys have been produced by adFunture Workshop, in a limited edition of 2000 pieces. I already have the Sony capsule toys, Jeanette and Claude but Irina, the 11 inches tall rotocast vinyl figure (the Tan Colette version, limited to 200 pieces) produced last year by Necessaries Toy Foundation, is still missing in my collection (sadly sold out).

As you already know if you have been reading my blog for a while, I really like Fafi’s paintings, drawings and sketches. Fafinettes are sweet, funny, sexy, explosive, liberated… They can be seen adorning street walls, on canvas and furniture, or even styling clothing. I also have the ‘Fafinettes Adidas pink outfit’, several pieces from the first jewelry collection and two tee shirts from Le Gang des Romantiques collection. And a book. I usually don’t wear jewelry and I don’t really like pink, but you know, when you love… ^_^

Below a picture I took, showing Jeanette and Claude figures and sketched boxes.
Next toys on my ‘to buy-list’: Kaori The Nurse and Keiko The Director by Junko Mizuno.

• Link to: Fafi’s website

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