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Aug 25, 2013



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Spread the word about Malaria and the plant that could save lives
Malaria is one of the leading poverty-related diseases and causes of death in children under five years old

The Lantana camara plant grows in much of sub-Saharan Africa and is a natural mosquito repellant. Concern Worldwide has partnered with other organizations to develop a research team that planted Lantana around 231 houses, then measured the number of mosquitoes inside people’s homes.

Those houses with Lantana had 56% fewer of the most common malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Africa, and 50% fewer mosquitoes of any kind.

I’ve watched and will share Concern Worldwide’s video on fighting malaria. I will help bring awareness to the gravity of malaria and how Concern is using natural resources to lower the cases of infection in countries where people live in extreme poverty and health care is scarce.

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