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Dec 15, 2014


South Sudan and Sudan; news roundup about the complex, intertwined situation

In 2012, I wrote about Al-Bashir: Sudan: divide and rule, the winning strategy. A year before that, as South Sudan celebrated its independence, I was carefully optimistic in South Sudan: Render unto southern Sudanese that which is theirs. And in December last year, on the beginning of the South Sudan civil war, I paraphrased an article by Daniel Howden published on The Guardian, in South Sudan: how we all fell for the ‘big lie’. Needless to say the situation is dire and complicated in South Sudan right now. To better understand what is happening, I selected some posts I think are worth reading. Starting with The Sudans: after the divide Series published on The Guardian, and a must-read article by James Copnall ‏@JamesCopnall : South Sudan conflict: What chance of peace? On Twitter, Tristan McConnell @t_mcconnell tweeted: “Personal ambitions” of #SouthSudan‘s leaders “jeopardize the future of an entire nation,” says…Read more

Blog Posts and News Roundups Last updated: July 20, 2017

The purpose of this roundup of news headlines, summaries and links is to bring attention, entertain and stimulate some conversation on topics ranging from Human Rights and Civil Society to Science, Philosophy, Music, Video Games, Art, Books, Movies... Selecting an article, a picture or a video isn't necessarily an endorsement but worth reading news gathered from around the web for your consideration.

Blog Post

South Sudan: how we all fell for the ‘big lie’

The title paraphrases an article by Daniel Howden published on The Guardian: How Hollywood cloaked South Sudan in celebrity and fell for the ‘big lie’. Since the  crisis in South Sudan started two weeks ago, I’ve read a lot of things on the whys and hows of the situation. And, unsurprisingly, I’ve read a lot of ineptness, misreading, ignorance and snap judgements. And, unfortunately, unlike Howden (could he have used them as a click-bait?!), I don’t think Hollywood stars are the first ones to blame. Maybe it’s time for some people to clean up their own act first. My goal is not to patronize, but from where I stand, and for at least two decades now, I have been working to select and provide accurate information on Sudan, Darfur and now South Sudan. I have been able to observe all sorts of misreading when it comes to Sudan and South…Read more

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Abyei Referendum: Sudan wants is oil, South Sudan wants its people

These are the words of Taban Abel Aguek, a Member of State Parliament in Rumbek, Lakes State published on yesterday. “It is clear what Sudan wants in Abyei is oil, but South Sudan wants its people“. Very clear indeed but the situation can be more complicated than it appears. Abyei is a one million square miles region, it has oil and fertile land. The Ngok Dinka, sub-Saharan cattle herders, are the vast majority in Abyei but the nomadic Misseriya tribe is also part of the equation. Not mentioning Sudan and its president, Omar al-Bashir (charged with Darfur genocide by the International Criminal Court) literally fighting for his country’s interests. The status of Abyei was one of the most contentious issues in the negotiation of  the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), and a separate referendum to determine whether Abyei belongs to Sudan or South Sudan was supposed to be held…Read more

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Design / Art

Pete Fowler ‘The Needle and The Damage Done’

Yes, the show’s title makes a reference to Neil Young’s 1972 track.

I recently did some stitch embroidery work with the World of Sama. The black and white pieces were a truly hit so they may be part of my new collection. As a big fan of Pete Fowler‘s work (and stitch embroidery, obviously), I wish I could see his show!

‘The Needle and The Damage Done’ is a body of new and original cross-stitch embroidery made during 2013. Colourful and psychedelic pieces, featuring Fowler’s traditionally outlandish juxtapostion of subject matter; Landscapes, UFO’s, Sailors, Roadies, Synths and Owls eschew the craft-like subject matter one would normally associate with the medium.

1/8/13 – 1/9/13
Beach London Gallery
20 Cheshire St, London, E2 6EH

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Albert Einstein on racism and segregation

There is a separation of colored people from white people in the United States. That separation is not a disease of colored people. It is a disease of white people. I do not intend to be quiet about it.

Albert Einstein, in May 1946, during a speech at the campus of Pennsylvania’s Lincoln University.

Read more here.

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Martin Luther King ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech – August 28, 1963

Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

Today is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Learn more about the Great March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s speech here.

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Helping Congo Help Itself

Or: 'What It Will Take to End Africa’s Worst War'

Once in a while (and obviously not as often as I wished), I read an interesting piece on Congo providing a great insight on a delicate situation.

Jason Stearns‘ article published on Foreign Affairs website is definitely a good one. He writes:

Congo’s problems are complex, but certainly not beyond repair. First, however, it is necessary to diagnose the conflict’s root causes and understand its protagonists’ interests. Although Western media have often taken shortcuts, focusing in particular on the scourge of sexual violence and conflict minerals, a close reading suggests that it is not local warlords and mining companies that are the key players in this drama but the Congolese and Rwandan governments.

Stearns adds:

Congo’s government is not only extremely weak, but it is also beholden to a political logic of patronage that undermines the reform of its own state and encourages the creation of competing armed groups. Meanwhile, the ruling party in Rwanda — in part due to Congo’s weakness and instability, in part due to its own problems — has backed armed groups in the eastern Kivu region of Congo, an area it considers to be its backyard.

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Schrödinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker

I mentioned it on Twitter. For Science Geek girls & boys. Watch the video!

Buy it on ThinkGeek.

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The Zulu Walk by The Mighty Mocambos Feat. Afrika Bambaataa…

...Charlie Funk, King Kamonzi. Captivating.

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Fukushima: Cosmic rays and radioactive bluefin tuna

More than two years after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, news are not good. At all.

Let start with this article by Jeremy Hsu, on LiveScience: Cosmic Rays May Reveal Damage to Fukushima’s Nuclear Reactors.

Radiation is still leaking from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after the 2011 tsunami-related meltdown in Japan, making any damage assessment dangerous for both humans and machines. Instead, high-energy particles created by cosmic rays striking the Earth’s atmosphere could provide an X-ray-style image of the damage from a much safer distance.

And this article by Ann Werner: Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught Off California Coast.

Every bluefin tuna tested in the waters off California has shown to be contaminated with radiation that originated in Fukushima. Every single one.

Told you, news are not good at all…

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Spread the word about Malaria and the plant that could save lives

Malaria is one of the leading poverty-related diseases and causes of death in children under five years old

The Lantana camara plant grows in much of sub-Saharan Africa and is a natural mosquito repellant. Concern Worldwide has partnered with other organizations to develop a research team that planted Lantana around 231 houses, then measured the number of mosquitoes inside people’s homes.

Those houses with Lantana had 56% fewer of the most common malaria-carrying mosquitoes in Africa, and 50% fewer mosquitoes of any kind.

I’ve watched and will share Concern Worldwide’s video on fighting malaria. I will help bring awareness to the gravity of malaria and how Concern is using natural resources to lower the cases of infection in countries where people live in extreme poverty and health care is scarce.

Take the pledge on TakePart!

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The weirdest-looking time machines in all Science Fiction

Time machines are not 'weird', only their look can be!

Remember The Project Tic-Toc, a secret experimental time machine of the U.S Army in Time Tunnel? The DeLorean from Back To The Future? The TARDIS Type 40 time travel capsule from Doctor Who? The eight-spoked Frozen Wheel from Lost? Not to mention The Hot Tub Time Machine

They are indeed the weirdest-looking time machines in all Science Fiction and they’re all listed (picture and/or video) in this post on io9.

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