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Here we go!

This is my first post on this blog, and it gives me the opportunity to thank all of those who are following my work for over a decade. The design of the site changed (many times), the content did also but some of you are still visiting and sending emails; I do appreciate a lot this ‘cyber-fidelity’. One can wonder why I decided to create this blog and I’m still wondering myself. I don’t really get into blogging because I couldn’t talk about my life on a daily basis but this blog might be like a therapy. I explain. I’m not used to talk about me and personal things but I can talk -a lot- about my work(s), what’s inspiring me and my projects…

So I guess I will have enough to share with you anyway. I’ve been told a couple of times I’m too secretive and the purpose of this blog is to give more details and explanation about my work to those interested in. It’s also a good way to keep in touch with you, you can send comments and register to subscribe to the mailing list. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, I will post when I have something to say, or when I want to share and discuss with you.

Now I’m done talking until my next post ^_^

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