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Aug 4, 2011


Quick Notes in less than 250 words

Summer time and a lot more to come, very soon. Meanwhile, I have decided to create a new section on this blog: Quick Notes. In less than 250 words, I will share with you some useful (as far as I will be able to) news. For a while now I have been asked to post more often if I could; since I can’t post as often as I would like to, I thought maybe posting shorter articles would help me post more often. I hope you will enjoy reading these ‘Quick Notes‘, the first one will be online before the end of the day! ^_^

Sep 8, 2010


Website redesign for

A quick post to let you know my official website just had a complete redesign. You can find the ‘old’ sections (Bio, Designer, Writer, Photographer) and but also new and updated ones. There is also a Twitter Feed so you can follow the latest tweets from the Sama Gazette and mines. The design is clean and easy to navigate. I hope you like it. I am also working on my blog redesign but it is not for anytime soon. I have some ideas for it so visitors can search the posts more easily. The design didn’t change for a long time, so it is definitely on my to do list but it is not a priority. Enjoy visiting and reading! ^_^

Aug 11, 2010


The Sama Gazette celebrates its first year anniversary

The Sama Gazette is online for a year, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. The small team behind the Sama Team is doing an amazing job and I am proud to be one of its members. We receive many emails from many different people and different places, telling us about their interest in what we do, the topics we talk about, the campaigns we support… The Sama Gazette is an ‘extended expression of the original World of Sama spirit’ (paraphrasing Bruno Racine about Centre Pompidou-Metz). The editorial content is produced independently and selected by a core of enthusiasts and committed people. It is independent of any sponsor or advertiser; ‘We talk about what we want, when we want’ says the Sama Team. I don’t have much to add to the great post they published: The Sama Gazette: First Anniversary!. But maybe a hint about the major announcements…Read more

Apr 18, 2010

Works / Projects

Third anniversary already? Time passes too quickly!

This month is the Blog’s third anniversary. Everything started in April 2007 and now here we are, three years later. How is it even possible time passes so quickly, I wonder everyday. So many things to do and so little time… But this post is about what has been done during the past three years and obviously, many things changed. Last year I talked about something new that was on the verge of being unveiled: it was the Sama Gazette. Since it was launched in July last year, you can read and learn about many different topics ranging from Arts to science, design to green, films and music to civil society and organizations… I honestly never thought so many people would visit the website; regulars from this blog but also many new visitors interested in what we have to say about almost any subjects. The Sama Gazette is definitely a…Read more

Aug 31, 2009


The Sama Gazette launched, new layout for

A quick post about the Sama Gazette: the News Website has officially launched and everyone can now have access to it. It has been months in the working but The Sama Team has finally tied up the loose ends on this project and has launched the Note that you can also follow the Sama Team on Twitter. I hope you will enjoy the place and the content 😉 There is also some news about my official website. It got a new layout, I switched it from black to white with updated content, and it is much better this way. I will give you some news about my upcoming show in the September. I think this time it will be very different from everything I have ever done. You will know soon! ^_^

Jul 29, 2009

Works / Projects

Summer updates and the mysterious project partly unveiled

This time of the year is very calm and even if I will take a couple of days off in August, the Blog will still be updated. I mentioned in my previous post the many projects I am currently working on; among them, one directly concerns my next show and another one is an ‘online project’. I know I caught your attention with this mysterious ‘collective‘ project and since some of you will be off to vacation, I decided it was time to unveil more about it. The online project is a website. It will be about everything the Sama Team wants to talk about. It will be updated frequently, the content will be varied, the tone informal and the humor dry. The website is now online and only registered users on this Blog will be able to access it. I know, life can be so unfair sometimes 😉 You…Read more

Jul 15, 2009


A brand new World of Sama Art Website has opened

It’s online. The new World of Sama Art Website is now opened to everyone. Back in April, in my post: Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!, I granted access to regulars of this blog to the ‘under construction’ website. I hope the ‘privileged’ ones appreciated this opportunity to see some of my works that were never published online before. The website is now interactive, with comments and votes for each artwork so everyone can tell what they think. Summer is usually the best time to think and work on ideas and projects. Almost everyone is on vacation and I can ‘hide’ without anyone asking where I am. No need to travel far away to have this feeling of freedom and enjoy simple moments of life. It doesn’t last long but as short as these moments may be, I try to make the most of this down time…Read more

Apr 26, 2009


Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!

Here we are. The second blog’s anniversary. I am amazed. Truly. When I look back when this blog was launched, I wasn’t convinced of the interest of having a blog. Like I said, I am not into blogging, I am unable to write about my personal life and give personal details which are the most important component of any blog. But I must admit this site has been over the years, some kind of a laboratory where I can provide the ‘mixture’ and you give me your impression about it. I like this participative approach and it is the backbone of how this site works. This place allows me to share with you my work but also my opinions, my vision of the world we live in with sometimes desperation and some other times, great hope. I have been pretty busy the last couple months and I couldn’t post as…Read more

May 30, 2008

Works / Projects

Official Site Redesign, WoS Website Update and Sama Hane

My brand new official site is now up, some of you were ‘dying’ to see it. It has been relaunched with a new design, more information and a new mailing-list that was missing before. I hope you will enjoy the visit. The World Of Sama Website has also been updated with new work (in the Drawings section) you can see below introducing the Sama Hane. And both sites are now fully supported by Firefox. Don’t hesitate to visit the sites, even if this Blog is your favorite place 😉 For once it is a short post but it is worth it, right ? ^_^

May 13, 2008


Q&A: Replies sent + Website redesign + Burma and China

When I decided (following your suggestion) to set a Q&A session for the first anniversary of this blog, I thought it could be a good idea to let you ask me ‘some’ questions. But I didn’t expect there would be so many! I hope it doesn’t sound pretentious, not that I received ten of thousands of questions, but some were kinda personal or, let’s say, rather unexpected, so I took the time to give precise answers by email when I felt it was required. I wanted to first reply directly to everyone (well, almost everyone) and do it scrupulously so it took me some time. I will write posts to give more answers about general questions. I hope I did it well, but I am not sure I will do it again any time soon. Maybe for the second anniversary of this blog ^_^ Last year the website of The…Read more

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