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Support #SudanRevolts and take action!

My interest in Sudan started with Omar-Al Bashir’s military coup in June, 1989. I was young teenager but I knew it would change the fate of Sudan and its population forever. Since then, I always kept an eye (let’s say two) on the country, doing my best to raise awareness on the situation, especially when the Darfur genocide happened, and more recently about the war in Blue Nile and South Kordofan.

For decades now, I have heard Sudan was not a priority. That the International community was not interested, they had (and apparently always have) other fish to fry. Even the media have been shy about covering Sudan. A few days ago, I asked a journalist about ‪#SudanRevolts‬ lack of media coverage and I got a bewildering answer: ‘Not enough deaths for the frontpage. ‪Syria‬ has more, daily’.

For years, and despite the amazing work done by activists, organizations and even some brave journalists, the least we can say is that almost everyone turned a blind eye to Sudan (excepted for the recent controversial carrot and stick policy…). Until now. Sudanese people revolt, they have had enough. And they need our full support, for once. Armed riot police violently broke up the protests, used tear gas and batons; people get beaten, arrested, and released, eventually. But not everyone is. A few hours ago, Alun McDonald @alunmcdonald tweeted: ‘Still no news from @simsimt Now day 7 since he was arrested and detained ‪#sudanrevolts‬ ‪#freeusamah’. Many others are still detained…

I have selected a few tweets so you can better understand what is currently happening in Sudan, and why it matters we ALL care, at last. Not because Sudanese ‘need’ us but because in their call for replacement of Al Bashir regime, international pressure and media coverage have an important role to play. Amid Ahmad Nasr writes: ‘There isn’t a moment to lose: The international community must do its part to help Sudan achieve a better future.’ Support #SudanRevolts and take action! 

Amir Ahmad Nasr@SudaneseThinker Resting, and getting work done today so I can focus on this coming Friday for an all-day #SudanRevolts tweetathon.
Aguil Lual Blunt@AguilB #SudanRevolts tweeps abroad pls DM June30 events in your city so I can spread word for #SouthSudan diaspora & #newSUDANS activists 2 join u
Rebecca Hamilton@bechamilton Shorter #SudanRevolts twitter list, helpfully compiled by @carol_gallo @undispatch: Longer list:
Sara Elhassan@BSonblast_2 ultimately u can support #SudanRevolts by joining ppl around world in protest on JUN 30 in front of SudaneseEmbassy of ur area #SudanRevolts @daloya 4 Release:Toronto is marching in Support #SudanRevolts/June 3oth past activities: Thanks
 Amir Ahmad Nasr@SudaneseThinker Sudan Needs a Revolution – By Amir Ahmad Nasr | Foreign Policy: #SudanRevolts. If you agree, retweet, Facebook & email.
Maysoon Elnigoumi @Maysoon_nigoumi #SudanRevolts a video summarizing events of the first week of Demos [Video has been removed]
Ryan Boyette @RyanBoyette More reason for #SudanRevolts. See what the #Sudan gov is doing: [Video has been removed]
Maha Sanosi @MimzicalMimz Free @simsimt (day 5 detention)-Free @BoshiAlim (day 7 detention)- Free @girifna activist Rashida Shamseldin (day 3 detention) #SudanRevolts
Aguil Lual Blunt@AguilB Why the Khartoum Regime will fall. via @sudanreeves,43046? #SudanRevolts #ByebyeBashir #Sudan
Esther Sprague @esthersprague Stand up for Sudan – June 30: #SudanRevolts
Iyad El-Baghdadi@iyad_elbaghdadi This is @simsimt talking about #SudanRevolts shortly before his disappearance. This clip appeared on
Sudan Change Now @Sudanchangenow Hourly Updated map of revolution incidence and progress in sudan #SudanRevolts
Moez Ali@his_moezness A huge shout out to @RodrigoDavies for maintaining ‘#SudanRevolts in pictures’,43006

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