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Support #SudanRevolts and take action!

My interest in Sudan started with Omar-Al Bashir’s military coup in June, 1989. I was young teenager but I knew it would change the fate of Sudan and its population forever. Since then, I always kept an eye (let’s say two) on the country, doing my best to raise awareness on the situation, especially when the Darfur genocide happened, and more ... More
Quick Tweets: North Korea, Sudan, Congo, Stiglitz…

A quick round-up of the recent tweets I consider interesting sharing with you. Follow the links, articles are all must-read.   @NickKristof (Nicholas Kristof) Best recent books on North Korea are Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy, and also the Inpector O mysteries set inside N.K. @sudanreeves (Eric Reeves) Obstructions of humanitarian relief in ... More
2011: blissful optimism and weariness, Twitter says!

Happy new year everyone! I guess we are going to hear those words many times again in the coming hours, days and weeks. Today is the first day of 2011 and many are already recovering from a bash that lasted until early this morning. Most of the people I know are celebrating, wishing everyone the best for the new year. Me too I hope everything will be better ... More
Twitter: to tweet or not to tweet?

This is indeed a very good question I am asking to myself for quite some time. When I launched this blog in 2007, I wrote in my first post: ‘One can wonder why I decided to create this blog and I’m still wondering myself. I don’t really get into blogging because I couldn’t talk about my [personal] life on a daily basis but this blog might be ... More

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