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Andrée Putman, The Queen of Black and White

What would be black without white and white without black? I am not making a metaphorical combination here (although I believe it could make some sense) but since I started to draw and design clothes when I was a young teenager, I always had a preference for black and white colors. I already shared with you my admiration for Pierre Soulages‘ work and ... More
A few pages of my movie script / book, for your eyes only!

Last year I published an extract on my first book and I was very touched by the many supporting feedbacks I received about it. During the past 2 months, I have been hard at work writing a movie script which action takes place in the mid-1930s, during the Golden Age of Hollywood. It is not a movie script anymore since I entirely rewrote it, adding so many ... More
About the Warner Bros and the Roosevelt Administration

As you may already know, I am a huge fan of Hollywood’s Golden Age, movies from the 1930’s and the 1940’s, and also film noir. For the French reading this blog who want to see some very good movies made by the Warner Brothers during the Great Depression, don’t miss the Cinéma de Minuit on French channel television France3. A movie ... More
Davis, Flynn, Dietrich… They did it their way

The period between Great Depression and World War II is remembered as Hollywood’s Golden Age, from the 1920’s to the late 1940’s with introduction of television. I’m a huge fan of the 1930s to 1940s movie decade, when Bette Davis was Mildred Rogers in Of Human Bondage (1934), her fights with Jack Warner and the Hollywood Canteen with ... More
Scarface: First and second impact

Some movies inspired my creativity and made me write my first short stories. Scarface is definitely one of these great movies that changed my life. I was a young teenager and it was a real shock to me, maybe I wasn’t ready (too young) for such a movie and that’s why I remember it so well. Since then, I watched it again a couple of times and ... More

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