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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Pretty, pretty, pretty soon!

As a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm TV show, I am very excited about Season 8. This time Larry David takes on New York City and I can’t wait to watch the new episodes. But if you want to know more about the upcoming season that will premiere this year on HBO, you might be disappointed… The only place to go is on the CYE page on HBO website. In ... More
China’s Fabulous Deals: Curb Your Enthusiasm

I wish I was talking about Larry David’s TV show, but I am not. A few days ago, China’s President Hu Jintao arrived in Paris for a three-day state visit with billions of dollars in deals thrown in. When it comes to make deals during those difficult economic times, France like many other countries, is ready to look away to ... More
The return of Burn Notice, Dark Blue, True Blood and Mad Men

I really enjoy watching TV shows. Unfortunately, Ugly Betty, 24, Lost and Heroes are no more. Not to mention Bryan Fuller’s whimsical Pushing Daisies! So what is left to watch this Summer? Luckily, several of my favorite shows. Burn Notice is on my top list, I already wrote about the show: Burn Notice Vs Leverage? I’d better get burned!. If I ... More
Seinfeld is back (kind of…): Giddyup!

The Seinfeld Reunion. Any big fan of the classic sitcom had dreamt about it since Seinfeld ended. It was 11 years ago. And I have to admit I was and still is a huge fan of Seinfeld. The best sitcom ever (and I watch many TV shows: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Nip/Tuck, House M.D… Addicted!, The Big Bang Theory: Am I really that kind of Nerd?, Dexter and ... More
Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Nip/Tuck, House M.D… Addicted!

More than a year ago, in April 2007 (time flies!), I wrote a post about Dexter and The Shield and the fact that bad characters behavior can make good (even great) shows. Action-drama, science fiction, comedy-drama (dramedy), medical-drama, situation comedy, police-drama; television series cover many topics with as many different approaches. I am always ... More
Jacques Tati: timeless comedy and satire with Mr Hulot

Jacques Tati was born in October 1907, and 2007 is the 100th anniversary of his birth. We are now in December, and it is not too late (yet) to celebrate this anniversary and mention some of his movies. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet with Tati’s niece, Macha Makeieff. She manages Tati’s artistic patrimony and she created Les Films ... More
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Pretty, pretty, pretty good!

The tagline for Curb Your Enthusiasm is: ‘Deep inside you know you’re him’, and let’s face it, we all carry part of Larry David with us. And I know a bunch of people who will definitely recognize bits of themselves in him (and no, I will not give names). I loved Seinfeld, then when Curb aired in 2000, I was thrilled to see Larry ... More

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