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Aug 22, 2013


Syria chemical attack
More than 100,000 people are believed to have been killed during the 28-months of conflict Syria. But let's investigate, again...

France’s position is that there must be a reaction, a reaction that could take the form of a reaction with force…

…if Syria is proved to have used chemical weapons against civilians.

France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius,
on French BFM TV channel.

Aug 3, 2013


François Hollande : panthéonisez des femmes !
Pour le prochain "grand homme" au Panthéon, nous voulons… des femmes !

Alors que le Panthéon a vocation à honorer les grands personnages qui ont fait l’Histoire de France, seules deux femmes y reposent pour 71 hommes : Marie Curie, deux fois prix Nobel, pionnière de la physique nucléaire, et Sophie Berthelot … pour ne pas être séparée de son mari Marcellin Berthelot, chimiste et homme politique. L’histoire française a jeté dans l’oubli des milliers de femmes qui ont, par leur vie au service de la science, des arts, de la philosophie, de la politique ou encore par leur engagement politique ou militant, écrit l’histoire de notre pays et fait progresser l’humanité. Parmi elles Simone de Beauvoir, Louise Michel, Olympe de Gouges, Germaine Tillon, Solitude, Lucie Baud, Aimée Marie Eléonore Lallement, Lucie Aubrac… C’est justice que de leur rendre hommage. C’est essentiel de graver leurs parcours exceptionnels dans notre mémoire collective afin qu’elles puissent être source d’inspiration pour les femmes et les…Read more

Mar 15, 2012

Design / Art

Miss Van’s Dolls, tattooed and ‘crocheted’

I am a huge fan of French graffiti artist Miss Van and her sultry female characters. I really love them. All of them. So much I’m even wearing a t-shirt (which is now sold out) of one of these characters as I write this post… Among Miss Van recent projects, artist Ramon Maiden is ‘tattooing a Miss Van beauty’. You can see a picture on Facebook and I wish I could ‘samaze‘ (you know, drawing some Sama on her sexy body) this beauty too! Last January, Olek, the amazing crochet artist, and Miss Van had a special epic moment together in the old Barrio Gotico, Barcelona. Watch the video below and you will see Olek’s work put on the face of a doll. Don’t miss Olek’s chairs at the end of the video! I invite you to visit Olek’s website for more info on her work.

Feb 29, 2012


da-eYe is The Artist

Jean Dujardin (Best Actor) did it. Michel Hazanavicius (Best Director) did it. And all the crew who worked on the film can be proud (Best Costume Design, Mark Bridges; Best Original Score, Ludovic Bource), they did it too! “The Artist” is the first silent and foreign film that has won the Oscar for Best Picture in more than 80 years… And Dujardin is the first Frenchman ever to win the Oscar for best actor. Far from me the idea of being chauvinistic but at least we can enjoy this great success! Roger Ebert even titled his article “The Artist” and “Hugo”: A very French Oscars (he could have also mentioned Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris”), adding ‘It was like an episode from “The Twilight Zone.”‘. Lou Lumenick was being witty when he tweeted: ‘How THE ARTIST won Best Picture — pretty much by default’. On his article published on the New York Post,…Read more

Feb 9, 2012


The web was invented in France, not Switzerland!

Last month, David Galbraith updated his article published in July 2010, and in which he was investigating the location where the web was invented: “One of the more interesting consequences of the details below, that hasn’t been picked up anywhere, is that technically the web was invented in France, not Switzerland”. Great news but Galbraith adds: “The Franco-Swiss border runs through the CERN campus and building 31 is literally just a few feet into France. However, there is no explicit border within CERN and the main entrance is in Switzerland, so the situation of which country it was invented in is actually quite a tricky one“. Not such great news after all, but I like the way Galbraith concludes, very diplomatically: “So although, strictly speaking, France is the birthplace of the web it would be fair to say that it happened in building 31 at CERN but not in any particular country! How…Read more

Jan 11, 2012


French journalist Gilles Jacquier killed in Syria

French TV reporter Gilles Jacquier has been killed in the Syrian city of Homs; he is the first Western journalist to die since anti-regime protests erupted 10 months ago. Jacquier was an experienced war correspondent who had previously reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Israel and Kosovo and he was not working undercover, he had been authorised by the Syrian authorities to work in Homs… Jacquier was with other journalists reporting on the situation in the city, a centre of opposition to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The question is: what happened in Homs? Who did kill the journalist and injured several others? French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe condemned the attack and demanded the authorities carry out an immediate investigation. Reporters Without Borders also demanded an inquiry. Gilles Jacquier was a great reporter and I watched his work as a correspondent for the program Envoyé Spécial on France 2. The deadly attack in Homs…Read more

Nov 26, 2011


Hollywood’s Golden Age is back with The Artist

I love Hollywood’s Golden Age, I have wrote several times about this magic era: Scarface: first and second impact, Davis, Flynn, Dietrich… They did it their way, About the Warner Bros and the Roosevelt Administration and I even shared with you: A few pages of my movie script / book, for your eyes only!. The silent movies, the rise of talkies, the life in Hollywoodland… Hollywood’s Golden Age, from the late 1920’s to the mid-1930’s is my favorite movie decade. So when I heard about the movie director Michel Hazanavicius was about to make, needless to say I was very excited about it. The Artist, shot at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, takes place between 1927 and 1932 in Hollywood: as silent movie star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him to fade into oblivion, he sparks with Peppy Miller (Bérénice Béjo), a…Read more

May 15, 2011

Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: Unhappy China, JPMorgan Chase, Jal

It’s about being ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’. Support of #Ai Weiwei makes #China “unhappy”. Reported by Yahoo News, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said: ‘The Chinese people also feel baffled — why do some people in some countries treat a crime suspect as a hero? […] The Chinese people are unhappy about this. No matter what influence they have had, they will be punished according to the law.’ China’s Deputy Foreign Minister Fu Ying added: ‘There are rules and laws in China that need to be applied just like here, and individuals, maybe they are your friends, maybe they agree with you more than others, but that should not make (them) … above the law […] It is very condescending for the Europeans to come in to tell China that some people are beyond the law‘. Support of dictators and blindingly dealing with them make me very unhappy. No need…Read more

Mar 31, 2011

Works / Projects

da-eYe is back on the wall of Serge Gainsbourg’s house

da-eYe is back rue de Verneuil. But this time, virtually. When Serge Gainsbourg died on 2 March 1991 of a heart attack, I was among the ones who came at his home rue de Verneuil in Paris and wrote or drew graffiti on the outer wall of Serge Gainsbourg’s house. I drew a da-eYe and it was one of the last time I did. I have always considered Gainsbourg as one of the best (if not the best) French singer-songwriter. It was a great loss. I could mention several of the many songs he wrote, from ‘Le Poinçonneur des Lilas‘ to ‘Love on the Beat‘, ‘Valse de Melody‘ and of course the reggae version of the French national anthem ‘La Marseillaise‘, and so many unforgettable other songs… But what I’m the most interested in is his paintings. Even if he never become a renown painter, I’m sure he expressed some…Read more

Nov 28, 2010


Les Yeux Noirs: Gypsy, Yiddish and Folk Influenced Music

I love Jazz music. From bebop to jazz fusion, ragtime to free jazz, acid jazz to Afro-Cuban jazz. But also reggae, Gypsy and Klezmer music. I enjoy listening to any style of music as long as I find it entertaining, and French band Les Yeux Noirs definitely is. First time I heard of them was in 2002 when they released their album ‘Balamouk‘. If you listen to ‘Yiddishe Mame‘ (Jewish Mother) and ‘Rozinkhes‘ (Raisins) and if you appreciate Gypsy, Klezmer and Eastern European music then you will really love the songs of the album. The good news is Les Yeux Noirs just released their new album: ‘Tiganeasca‘ and it is as good as the previous ones. Again, Gypsy and Yiddish music with Russian and Eastern European melodies but for this album, new musicians joined the group: Julien Herné and Elise Blanchard on bass guitar, Dario Ivkovic on Serbian accordion, Vincent…Read more

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