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Albert Einstein on racism and segregation

Einstein, in his own words: Here’s something you probably don’t know about Albert Einstein. In 1946, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist traveled to Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, the alma mater of Langston Hughes and Thurgood Marshall and the first school in America to grant college degrees to blacks. At Lincoln, Einstein gave a speech in which he ... More
Syria chemical attack

France’s position is that there must be a reaction, a reaction that could take the form of a reaction with force… …if Syria is proved to have used chemical weapons against civilians. France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius, on French BFM TV channel. More

The Hyperloop (or something similar) is, in my opinion, the right solution for the specific case of high traffic city pairs that are less than about 1500 km or 900 miles apart. Around that inflection point, I suspect that supersonic air travel ends up being faster and cheaper. Elon Musk. Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity, PayPal… More on Musk’s Blog. More
Hip-hop can’t stop, won’t stop in Burma

Things move slow. And the country is still pretty conservative. But now people are really open to new things, showing different stuff that would be normal in America 21-year-old rappers Ash and X-Box explain the challenges that came with creating hip-hop culture in a military dictatorship. Read article on GlobalPost. More
Jazz musician Carline Ray dies at 88

I would rather be taken seriously as a musician, and the fact that I’m female — I just happen to be female, that’s all. Source: CNN More
Tackle tax evasion to fuel Africa’s development

Put an end to the secret, murky and exploitative deals that have robbed Africans of the gains of their natural resource wealth. As G20 finance ministers meet in Moscow, Kofi Annan urges their governments to seize the current opportunity to stop illicit tax practices. Source: The Elders More
Neutrino ‘flavour’ flip confirmed

The fact that we have matter in the Universe means there have to be laws of physics that aren’t in our Standard Model, and neutrinos are one place they might be. Prof Dave Wark, of the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and Oxford University. Source: BBC More
Henry Miller on the Mystery of the Universe and the Meaning of Life

“This is the greatest damn thing about the universe. That we can know so much, recognize so much, dissect, do everything, and we can’t grasp it.” Maria Popova, @brainpicker. Full article here. More

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