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da-eYe strikes the Wendy Brandes Pose — Literally

2011 is ‘da-year’! da-eYe is back as we can read on his website, and he wants you to know. On Dec 10th last year, the observing eye from the mid-Eighties went Barefoot Against Poverty to support the Every Human Has Rights Campaign. Now, on a totally different topic, the waggish da-eYe decided to strike the pose, the Wendy Brandes Pose to be precise.

Wendy Brandes, also known as WendyB, is a talented jewelry designer, whose fine jewelry line is very popular; the Sama Gazette has mentioned her several times. And apparently, da-eYe is not insensible to Wendy’s work and charming enthusiasm. That’s why he decided (with a little help, I have to admit) to take on the challenge and to strike the famous WendyB pose.

Here is his tribute: a photo of da-eYe was taken in the street, hands on hips, crossed legs.  But no red lips, no toothy smile and no leopard print into his pose. da-eYe is not phased by anything and he is full of surprise; posing like WendyB was no problem for him. He even signed ‘With Love’ so maybe if I had insisted a little bit more, he would have worn the leopard print ^_^

Below, the photo published in the latest edition of da-eYe’s Dairy!

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