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Miss Van’s Dolls, tattooed and ‘crocheted’

I am a huge fan of French graffiti artist Miss Van and her sultry female characters. I really love them. All of them. So much I’m even wearing a t-shirt (which is now sold out) of one of these characters as I write this post… Among Miss Van recent projects, artist Ramon Maiden is ‘tattooing a Miss Van beauty’. You can see a picture ... More
About artists who don’t make their own work

Every once in a while, I read articles about artists who don’t make their own work. The most recent one was published last month on BBC website: ‘Hockney takes a swipe at Hirst technique’. Hockney, 74, has a poster advertising his new exhibition (David Hockney: A Bigger Picture, opened at the Royal Academy in January) which reads: “All ... More
L’exposition ‘Dégagements… La Tunisie un an après’ à l’Institut du monde arabe

J’écris assez peu en français, certains me l’ont déjà fait remarquer, peut-être devrais-je le faire plus souvent. Parfois l’envie me vient d’écrire dans la langue de Molière, je ne peux l’expliquer. Peut-être lorsqu’il s’agit de sujets plus personnels, qui me touchent plus directement. La Tunisie en est un, ... More
Rashid Mahdi, Claude Iverné and Sudanese photographs

I’ve always had a keen interest in photography, and I first wanted to be a photo journalist. I did not become one but I still like photography and I’ve samazed the French city of Trouville-Sur-Mer, a seaside resort and port on the English Channel (Calvados). New photos will be published soon. A few months ago I saw the exhibition dedicated to ... More
The awesome ‘Imaginawesomed’ by Garrett Miller

You know how much I like working with kids: Kids coloring the World of Sama in 2010 and Kids coloring da-eYe! in 2011. Watching kids drawing is a magical thing and it sometimes (often) reveals unexpected creativity when they give free rein to their imagination. Only problem: what they draw is most of the time very far from what they actually want to depict. ... More
Jackson Pollock put physics on his palette

Last month I read a very interesting article about American artist Jackson Pollock on MSNBC website: according to physicists and mathematicians who conducted a careful analysis of the artwork, Jackson Pollock was an intuitive master of the flow of fluids, relying on the laws of physics to turn his splashes, drips and drizzles into the iconic abstract ... More
da-eYe pays tribute to Leon Botha

Leon Botha was a great artist. He died from complications of progeria on 5 June 2011. Almost the exact same day last year, I posted about the South African painter and musical performer to express my admiration for his work and for his incredible personality and strength: Leon Botha: when Art is beyond what you see. Here is what I wrote about him: A few ... More
Mythic Miss.tic in Paris (with da-eYe)

This woman is more than ‘that’. Miss.tic is a modern legend. I managed to see one of her show in Paris, eventually. For years I admired her stencil work in the streets and enjoyed her clever aphorisms mixing puns, wordplay and double meanings. I mentioned her in my previous post Grandmaster Flash, Seen, Jordans… Remembering the good old days! ... More
Andrée Putman, The Queen of Black and White

What would be black without white and white without black? I am not making a metaphorical combination here (although I believe it could make some sense) but since I started to draw and design clothes when I was a young teenager, I always had a preference for black and white colors. I already shared with you my admiration for Pierre Soulages‘ work and ... More
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child and an Exhibition

I was a teenager when Jean-Michel Basquiat died, and at this time I was drawing my observing eye in the streets of Paris. Like I said in Grandmaster Flash, Seen, Jordans… Remembering the good old days!, graffiti and video games were my main hobbies during this period, and I can still remember what I was doing when Andy Warhol died in 1987, Jean-Michel ... More

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