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The League Of Extraordinary Women

Last month I read on Fast Company website : Meet The League Of Extraordinary Women: 60 Influencers Who Are Changing The World. Ellen McGirt writes: ‘The previously untold story of how an unprecedented network of high-achieving women from the world’s largest companies, innovative startups, philanthropic organizations, government, and the arts combined forces to change the lives of girls and women everywhere.’

Promising, isn’t it? This article is indeed truly inspirational and every woman reading it can imagine accomplishing big things. Among the women listed as ‘example’ there are LEILA JANAH CEO, Samasource; CHARLOTTE OADES, Global director, Coca-Cola’s 5 By 20; PAT MITCHELL, CEO, The Paley Center for Media; LAURA PINCUS HARTMAN, Founder,; TORY BURCH, Founder, Tory Burch Foundation. And many more.

Full list of Extraordinary Women available here.

As always, I would say ‘easier said than done’. But one thing is for sure: women should be more confident and believe in their capacity, many I know lack self-confidence and they shouldn’t.

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