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da-eYe for freedom of expression in Tunisia

Freedom of Expression is not a crime, and da-eYe knows very well about it. Since he first appeared on the walls in La Défense / Paris in the mid-80s (if you need an introduction, here it is), the one-eyed little guy with his witty humor and waggish manners is observing everything and calls out on everyone with no respect for freedom of expression. This ... More
da-eYe : Easter Egg Head 2012!

da-eYe is a serious guy. You know him well enough now to know he doesn’t like being laughed at. But he always enjoys making jokes at someone else’s expense. So once again, it was too tempting to tease him, I couldn’t resist, really. So here is da-eYe, wearing a pink ribbon in his hair (or whatever he’s got on top of his ... More
da-eYe celebrates Water on World Water Day

Today is World Water Day. Four years ago, I asked: Will the Sama Water Tank save the world? Four years have passed and not much has changed; on the contrary, it’s getting worse. Here are some facts to know (from UN Water – World Water Day website): There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join ... More
da-eYe is The Artist

Jean Dujardin (Best Actor) did it. Michel Hazanavicius (Best Director) did it. And all the crew who worked on the film can be proud (Best Costume Design, Mark Bridges; Best Original Score, Ludovic Bource), they did it too! “The Artist” is the first silent and foreign film that has won the Oscar for Best Picture in more than 80 years… And ... More
da-eYe is a Christmas ‘Star’ Ornament (against his will)

da-eYe is a great guy. Not only because ‘guy‘ rhymes with ‘da-eYe’  (last post on 2011, please be indulgent) but because he really is. He surely is facetious and waggish but he is also a great friend. He may not have a lot of friends but friendship is important to him; although I’m afraid his latest experience might change ... More
da-eYe is growing a moustache for Movember!

Earlier today, the people @SamaGazette tweeted: ‘Geez, we just realized da-eYe is growing a moustache for @Movember! Next year we’ll do it too, we are too late now… 🙂‘. da-eYe was indeed growing a moustache for Movember, to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. “During November ... More
Steve Jobs dies at 56

A visionary and a creative genius. Steve Jobs was the co-founder and CEO of Apple and he has died of cancer at 56. This is a very sad news. The company has posted this statement on its website. Many people mourn the loss of Steve Jobs, one of the century’s greatest business leaders. I love most of the iconic products he created, and da-eYe does ... More
da-eYe: the ‘Sea, Sex and Sun’ postcard

While some people were hard at work during this Summer, some others seemed to have had a pretty good time. No need to look too far, our dear friend #da-eYe had a wonderful Summer break as he took some vacation at the beach (no word on the location though). As you can see on the postcard he sent me and I recevied on the last day of August, he enjoyed the ... More
da-eYe pays tribute to Leon Botha

Leon Botha was a great artist. He died from complications of progeria on 5 June 2011. Almost the exact same day last year, I posted about the South African painter and musical performer to express my admiration for his work and for his incredible personality and strength: Leon Botha: when Art is beyond what you see. Here is what I wrote about him: A few ... More
Mythic Miss.tic in Paris (with da-eYe)

This woman is more than ‘that’. Miss.tic is a modern legend. I managed to see one of her show in Paris, eventually. For years I admired her stencil work in the streets and enjoyed her clever aphorisms mixing puns, wordplay and double meanings. I mentioned her in my previous post Grandmaster Flash, Seen, Jordans… Remembering the good old days! ... More

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