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Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Martin Wong and other artists at the Whitney Museum

At the time Jean-Michel Basquiat died (my post about the documentary and exhibition for the 50th anniversary of his birth), I was drawing my observing eye a.k.a da-eYe in the streets of Paris. And when I visited ‘Les Hiéroglyphes de Keith Haring’ in Paris, da-eYe had to pay tribute to his mentor (my post + pic here). If you’ve been reading this ... More
Djerbahood: Street Art in the heart of Erriadh on the Island on Djerba, Tunisia

What happens when the favorite place from my childhood (Djerba) meets with the street art from my teenage years? You get Djerbahood. When a friend told me: ‘I’ve seen something from Djerba, first sit down and then click on this link!‘, I was intrigued. Then I was stunned. I wouldn’t have imagined something like Djerbahood could ... More
Seen and Banksy collaboration

From Twitter @MRCOPE2. More
Hip-hop can’t stop, won’t stop in Burma

Things move slow. And the country is still pretty conservative. But now people are really open to new things, showing different stuff that would be normal in America 21-year-old rappers Ash and X-Box explain the challenges that came with creating hip-hop culture in a military dictatorship. Read article on GlobalPost. More
Graffiti Rock 30th Anniversary on Kickstarter

Soon, it will be the 30th Anniversary of the airing of Graffiti Rock and through your contributions, we will re-master the 1 inch broadcast video tape of the show (on to DVD) as well as produce a new, feature length film called Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story. Graffiti Rock: The Untold Story will be an in-depth documentary that captures the memories and ... More
Shamsia Hassani: ‘Art is stronger than war’

Shamsia Hassani, Afghanistan’s first female street artist, emerges as a spokesperson for women’s rights in Kabul. Art Radar spoke with the artist to find out more about visual arts in the post-conflict capital and her drive to prove art is stronger than war. Throughout history, Afghanistan has withstood various assaults from outside nations due to its ... More
When Miss Van and Ciro Schu meet in London

Full article here (Spanish). More
Street Art : 26 artistes se liguent contre la publicité

Le monde du Street Art s’en prend à la société de consommation illustrée par la publicité. Dans cet article publié le mois dernier sur le site FranceTV, le propos est clair et sans détour : ‘C’est une première au monde : 26 street-artists internationaux se liguent pour dénoncer l’invasion de la publicité. Baptisée ... More
Keith Haring, some ‘Hiéroglyphes’ and a Google Doodle

Keith Haring was an artist and a social activist, and he directly influenced me as a teenage artist. Last year I had the chance to go to the Musée en Herbe in Paris and see the show ‘Les Hiéroglyphes de Keith Haring’. It was clearly aimed at children with puzzles and games but Haring’s work was everywhere. I had a great time seeing the ... More

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