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Today is this blog’s first anniversary — Geez!

One year from now, same day and almost same time, I was launching this blog. Like I said in my first post, I’m not very comfortable talking about me, my personal life… But I really enjoy talking about my work, my projects, my thoughts, my sources of inspiration. And I did in near 50 posts since April last year. Waow! I impress myself, I never ... More
World Of Sama Exhibition + Website redesign

I’ve been quite busy lately working on my next exhibition and the redesign of the World of Sama Website. I already mentioned this exhibition in one of my post and I’ve got some news about it. It will take place ‘this winter’ in Paris. Like my first Sama Exhibition (in an abandoned house in countryside), this one will be private and ... More
Here we go!

This is my first post on this blog, and it gives me the opportunity to thank all of those who are following my work for over a decade. The design of the site changed (many times), the content did also but some of you are still visiting and sending emails; I do appreciate a lot this ‘cyber-fidelity’. One can wonder why I decided to create this ... More

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