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Seinfeld is back (kind of…): Giddyup!

The Seinfeld Reunion. Any big fan of the classic sitcom had dreamt about it since Seinfeld ended. It was 11 years ago. And I have to admit I was and still is a huge fan of Seinfeld. The best sitcom ever (and I watch many TV shows: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Nip/Tuck, House M.D… Addicted!, The Big Bang Theory: Am I really that kind of Nerd?, Dexter and The Shield: bad is good). Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld managed to give us a big laugh on every single episode, even if I think the sitcom started to be really funny on saison 3. Since then, I watched every episode. I miss so much Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer… And Newman, and Monk’s Cafe (well, Tom’s Restaurant)!

So I was very exited when I read a few months ago the Seinfeld cast would appear in five episodes of HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm (Curb Your Enthusiasm: Pretty, pretty, pretty good!), picking up the characters’ lives 11 years later. Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards; they are all there! Maybe for some people it is not an event but since the sitcom ended in 1998, I never saw any of them again (excepted for Seinfeld in Bee Movie). So it was a real pleasure to see them, looking older as we all are. But they are still great, especially Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Curb Your Enthusiasm is much like Seinfeld, the quality of the writing is excellent (although I have been mixed in the previous season). I am very excited about this Seinfeld Reunion and the chemistry between the actors is still there. I want to watch again episodes such like The Contest, The Puffy Shirt, The Conversion, The Hamptons, The Soup Nazi, The Bizarro Jerry and so many others… I wish the sitcom could come back but I highly doubt it will ever air again.

Anyway, the Seinfeld Reunion was a brilliant idea and I am (very) nostalgic about it. ^_^

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