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Twitter: to tweet or not to tweet?

This is indeed a very good question I am asking to myself for quite some time. When I launched this blog in 2007, I wrote in my first post: ‘One can wonder why I decided to create this blog and I’m still wondering myself. I don’t really get into blogging because I couldn’t talk about my [personal] life on a daily basis but this blog might be like a therapy. I explain. I’m not used to talk about me and personal things but I can talk -a lot- about my work(s), what’s inspiring me and my projects…‘. And three years later, I am afraid nothing has changed much, I am still not very talkative but I am working on it.

I know many people on Twitter and some of them are doing great in sharing every single moment of their life: ‘Tired. Going to bed now’, ‘Just had dinner with my Mom’, ‘I’m feeling sick, ate too much, I’m a mess…’ and so on. Hopefully, I can also read tweets from artists and designers I appreciate, who share their work at their studio and give a glimpse to a creative process I know very well but which is always very interesting to discover from another perspective. There are also plenty of organizations doing an amazing job raising awareness on Twitter as well as inspired, committed and motivated individuals who share their experiences in the field. Twitter can be a gold mine when you read the right tweets.

So should I jump on the bandwagon and bring my humble contribution to the Twitter giant nebula? I have to admit I like the way Twitter works. Only 140 characters (so you don’t talk drivel), instant publication and a direct connection with the people who are following you. Some of you have been asking if it was really me @maxdana, the answer is yes. But the page is not ‘open’ yet and not even advertised. Sometimes the Sama Gazette mentions it when they send a tweet related to me but I don’t accept people to follow me for the moment since there is nothing to follow. So if you have sent a request to follow me @maxdana and if I didn’t approve it, don’t take it wrong, I am just not ready yet 😉

This blog allows me to talk about just everything I want, when I want. On Twitter, the whole thing is about interactivity so you have to entertain your audience and post on a regular basis or you will loose your versatile followers. I already made the first step, I created my account on Twitter. I think I will start accepting a request or two once in a while so people who want to follow me don’t feel neglected until I send my first tweet. Meanwhile be sure to follow @samagazette if you are on Twitter. The Sama Team does a great job on the Sama Gazette and on Twitter, their enthusiasm for the social network is communicable and I like the friendly connection they have with both their followers and the people they follow.

See, I am -almost- ready to take the plunge! ^_^

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