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Q&A: Replies sent + Website redesign + Burma and China

When I decided (following your suggestion) to set a Q&A session for the first anniversary of this blog, I thought it could be a good idea to let you ask me ‘some’ questions. But I didn’t expect there would be so many! I hope it doesn’t sound pretentious, not that I received ten of thousands of questions, but some were kinda personal or, let’s say, rather unexpected, so I took the time to give precise answers by email when I felt it was required. I wanted to first reply directly to everyone (well, almost everyone) and do it scrupulously so it took me some time. I will write posts to give more answers about general questions. I hope I did it well, but I am not sure I will do it again any time soon. Maybe for the second anniversary of this blog ^_^

Last year the website of The World Of Sama was redesigned, and now this is my official site. I wanted to do it for a long time and make it more interesting to read. There will be more information about my latest works and news, links to this blog and a new mailing list… And it will be optimized for Firefox users (like Yull). It was an issue so the new website will hopefully be working fine. I also plan to redo this blog, although I don’t know when but probably for this summer.

Those are fresh news, my next post will be about a fabulous exhibition I have seen last week. I also wanted to have a thought for suffering people in Burma and China. No need to write about it right now, you already know what I think about the situation in both countries, only hope and (international) aid can do something. Maybe these catastrophes will create a foothold and make political leaders face their responsibilities. Time will tell.

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