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Seahawks: ‘Exploring The Galaxy’ by Pete Fowler, Jon Tye

On this sunny Sunday afternoon, I was in the mood to listen to some relaxing music. The kind of music you can listen to all day long. My friends at The Sama Gazette sent me an email the day before about Seahawks Friday Download 18, a 62 minutes mix by Jon ‘The Captain’ Tye titled ‘Exploring The Galaxy‘. Quite an adventure, right? If you don’t know what this is about, here is a quick explanation.

Seahawks is the music project by Artist Pete Fowler and Jon Tye described as follows: ‘Seahawks have been on the waves since 2009, cooking up their catches, beach combing for discarded, unwanted and buried treasures. Sometimes too covered in thick tar for most to notice. Psychedelic yacht rock, hazy beach pop vibrations and marina drone are all ports of call’.

This is exactly the music I needed, thank you! I know Pete Fowler’s work (illustrations, toys…) for a long time (I mentioned him three years ago in Yes, I’m a vinyl fetishist… vinyl toys actually.) and I love Monsterism Island, as well as his music. And apparently I have spread my interest for the artist to the Sama Team since they now keep me posted about Pete Fowler and his music.

Seahawks vinyls have already been released and I am waiting for the release of CAP004 CD due late 2010. You can read Ocean Trippin’, the home of Seahawks for news and also follow them on Twitter @seahawksmusic. Pete Fowler is on Twitter @themonsterist.

You can listen to  ‘Exploring The Galaxy‘ from this blog (audio player below) but you will find more information (tracklisting, news) on this page. Just like Pete Fowler and Jon Tye say on their blog: ‘Have a lovely day shipmates!’

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