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The Neutrino Song by the Corrigan Brothers

Remember last month? Neutrinos and the Speed of Light on the Front Pages! A month has passed and now: Faster than light particles? Not so fast, some say.  “Since then, their work has been met by a barrage of criticism. Physicists claim to have found flaws in the group’s method of recording the speed of the neutrinos, and they say that correcting for these flaws slows the neutrinos to less astonishing speeds.”

While physicists argue on the method and the results, Corrigan Brothers and Pete Creighton came with a brilliant idea: The Neutrino Song. And I’m not kidding, this song is about neutrinos and how amazing could be the discovery if it were to be confirmed.

The music is good, the lyrics are fun and science topics are seldom subject matter in songs. Just watch the video and listen! –Geek Music Certified

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