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Conflict minerals: the bloody Pandora’s Box…

I usually don’t wear jewelry. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but they are definitely not mine. So when I heard about blood diamonds years ago, it didn’t come as a big disillusion. In 2007 I posted about Hotel Rwanda, Syriana, Blood Diamond… Not only entertainment. These films are informative movies the general public needs, and ... More
Twitter: to tweet or not to tweet?

This is indeed a very good question I am asking to myself for quite some time. When I launched this blog in 2007, I wrote in my first post: ‘One can wonder why I decided to create this blog and I’m still wondering myself. I don’t really get into blogging because I couldn’t talk about my [personal] life on a daily basis but this blog might be ... More
Third anniversary already? Time passes too quickly!

This month is the Blog’s third anniversary. Everything started in April 2007 and now here we are, three years later. How is it even possible time passes so quickly, I wonder everyday. So many things to do and so little time… But this post is about what has been done during the past three years and obviously, many things changed. Last year I ... More
International Human Rights Day 2009: Every Human Has Rights

It has already been a year. Time goes by so fast… The “60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary” Initiative is already a year old but it is like it was yesterday. It was a great experience and I had the opportunity to meet with very interesting people. The heads of the organizations who signed the initiative such as: Mary Robinson (Member of The ... More
The Sama Gazette launched, new layout for

A quick post about the Sama Gazette: the News Website has officially launched and everyone can now have access to it. It has been months in the working but The Sama Team has finally tied up the loose ends on this project and has launched the Note that you can also follow the Sama Team on Twitter. I hope you will enjoy the place and the ... More
Summer updates and the mysterious project partly unveiled

This time of the year is very calm and even if I will take a couple of days off in August, the Blog will still be updated. I mentioned in my previous post the many projects I am currently working on; among them, one directly concerns my next show and another one is an ‘online project’. I know I caught your attention with this mysterious ... More

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