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Third anniversary already? Time passes too quickly!

This month is the Blog’s third anniversary. Everything started in April 2007 and now here we are, three years later. How is it even possible time passes so quickly, I wonder everyday. So many things to do and so little time… But this post is about what has been done during the past three years and obviously, many things changed. Last year I talked about something new that was on the verge of being unveiled: it was the Sama Gazette.

Since it was launched in July last year, you can read and learn about many different topics ranging from Arts to science, design to green, films and music to civil society and organizations… I honestly never thought so many people would visit the website; regulars from this blog but also many new visitors interested in what we have to say about almost any subjects. The Sama Gazette is definitely a success and this is because all of you!

But the Sama Gazette is only one side of the project we have. We want to give the opportunity to our readers to get involved and more committed into bringing awareness about what is happening in the world. Many of you have already demonstrated their interest in this ‘idea’ and the many comments and emails we receive everyday at the Sama Gazette confirm we are on the right road. As always, our goal is not to promote anything or anyone specifically but just to help spread the word as responsible and committed citizens. This simple ‘concept’ has grown over the last months among the Sama Readers Community and here is the scoop: I am working with the Sama Team on this huge project (a hint: some of you already gave it a name) and we hope we will be able to bring it to you in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I will do my best to post more often of the Blog. There are still many subjects I would like to talk about, like a great exhibition in Paris about Afghan Women Making the News, on a lighter note a TV Show and also a female singer I really like, some of my new works I will first publish on this site…

Thanks for reading this Blog for so long, welcome to the new readers and don’t forget to check the Sama Gazette frequently. Next anniversary post in April 2011! ^_^

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