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Pete Fowler ‘The Needle and The Damage Done’

I recently did some stitch embroidery work with the World of Sama. The black and white pieces were a truly hit so they may be part of my new collection. As a big fan of Pete Fowler‘s work (and stitch embroidery, obviously), I wish I could see his show! ‘The Needle and The Damage Done’ is a body of new and original cross-stitch embroidery made ... More
Kids coloring the World of Sama

Last week was World Kids Coloring Day. The annual event is supported by Save the Children and sponsored by Staedtler, and it is aimed to support Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign. I think this is a great initiative and like many commented on the post published on the Sama Gazette on this special day, I wish this event had more media ... More
Sama Sun and tiny Sama fresco drawing from my Moleskine

I thought it was time to show you a page from one of my Moleskine. Two years ago I told you about the Moleskine I use to bring with me when I travel. I like the quality of the paper, and it is small enough to fit into a pocket. When I draw on a Moleskine, it is a totally different kind of inspiration I have. I can be on a plane, in a hotel, in a cafe, ... More
The Sama Time Traveller Jewelry Series 01 is available

Following the show that took place last month (The Sama Online Show 2009 is a success!), the Sama Time Traveller Jewelry Series 01 is now available for everyone to buy on my official website Shop. Some of you could already buy the necklace for a few days of privileged access, but it is now available to everyone. I hope you will like this new series 😉 It ... More
The Sama Online Show 2009 is a success!

Thanks to all of you who watched my online show yesterday! We have sent many invitations (registered, regulars, on request, newcomers…) and almost everyone could make it and connected to the server. The live feed went fine and I appreciate the many questions you asked me. Most of them were very specific and made me realized there are some experts ... More
A brand new World of Sama Art Website has opened

It’s online. The new World of Sama Art Website is now opened to everyone. Back in April, in my post: Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!, I granted access to regulars of this blog to the ‘under construction’ website. I hope the ‘privileged’ ones appreciated this opportunity to see some of my works that ... More
The Sama’s dirty little secret revealed: it’s Samacaron fever!

Here is an exclusive news for all Sama lovers, something you wouldn’t have thought about, ever. Something that will surprise you and maybe even shock you. If you thought you already knew everything about the Sama, then you were wrong, something was missing. The Sama’s dirty little secret has been revealed and I think it is my duty as their ... More
de Blob the video game: the World of Sama ain’t Chroma City!

Or maybe it is… de Blob is a platform puzzle video game released on September 22 for the Wii. And for a week now, I am receiving emails from ‘friends‘ (are they, really?) telling me I should hire de Blob to restore color to the structures and inhabitants of the monochromatic Chroma City World of Sama, to ‘save them from a future ... More
Skwak’s Maniac and Koogai are really ‘too much’

A year ago, in my post: Yes, I’m a vinyl fetishist… vinyl toys actually, I briefly mentioned Skwak and his Maniac Figure produced last year by MINDstyle; I think it is time to talk about it again. Skwak is one of the many great french artists like Fafi and her Fafinettes, Rolito, KOA, Miss Van, 123Klan, Run, Superdeux, Tilt or Mist (his Goldorus is ... More
Official Site Redesign, WoS Website Update and Sama Hane

My brand new official site is now up, some of you were ‘dying’ to see it. It has been relaunched with a new design, more information and a new mailing-list that was missing before. I hope you will enjoy the visit. The World Of Sama Website has also been updated with new work (in the Drawings section) you can see below introducing the Sama Hane. ... More

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