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Sama Sun and tiny Sama fresco drawing from my Moleskine

I thought it was time to show you a page from one of my Moleskine. Two years ago I told you about the Moleskine I use to bring with me when I travel. I like the quality of the paper, and it is small enough to fit into a pocket. When I draw on a Moleskine, it is a totally different kind of inspiration I have. I can be on a plane, in a hotel, in a cafe, waiting for someone or something, or just letting time pass. Each drawing represents a special moment, it only takes a few minutes to draw, it is like ‘instant drawing’.

Over the past year, I received many emails from regular readers of this blog, asking me when I was going to show them some drawings from my so-called Moleskine, quoting me back in 2008 when I wrote in My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus: ‘… But I didn’t spend all days writing, I also drew on my Moleskine, I’ll show you a few pages some day’. This day has come, eventually.

So I jumped on the Easter egg hunt craziness and let the readers of the Sama Gazette find a small part of the drawing hidden on the site (read the news about the Easter Sama hunt), and many of you (hopefully) found the Easter Sama. They won the opportunity to see the full drawing before I post this article (by the way, thank you for all the kind comments you sent over, I have actually read them all!). For the others, you can see the drawing below and it will also be published on the World of Sama Website.

Last but not least. Some of you asked me how I chose the drawing; as a matter of fact, I didn’t. I just opened the Moleskine in the middle and the choice was made, so this drawing showing the Sama Sun and a tiny ‘Sama fresco’ may not be the most complicated or inspired one. Maybe next time I will choose differently. ^_^

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