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The Sama Online Show 2009 is a success!

Thanks to all of you who watched my online show yesterday! We have sent many invitations (registered, regulars, on request, newcomers…) and almost everyone could make it and connected to the server. The live feed went fine and I appreciate the many questions you asked me. Most of them were very specific and made me realized there are some experts concerning my work. This online show was a great experience for me and I suppose it was for you too, from the many emails I received.

In the coming days, the necklace that was shown during the show will be on sale on my Official Website and one of the artwork from the Sama in the Sky New Series will be published on The World of Sama Art Website; the artwork was the one most voted by you during the show. As for the necklace, it is a very limited edition and the ones who received an invitation to watch my show will be able to access the Shop before it will be officially open. Carefully check your emails, you will get news pretty soon.

See you next year, I am already thinking about a very uncommon place for my 2010 show! ^_^


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