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A brand new World of Sama Art Website has opened

It’s online. The new World of Sama Art Website is now opened to everyone. Back in April, in my post: Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!, I granted access to regulars of this blog to the ‘under construction’ website. I hope the ‘privileged’ ones appreciated this opportunity to see some of my works that were never published online before. The website is now interactive, with comments and votes for each artwork so everyone can tell what they think.

Summer is usually the best time to think and work on ideas and projects. Almost everyone is on vacation and I can ‘hide’ without anyone asking where I am. No need to travel far away to have this feeling of freedom and enjoy simple moments of life. It doesn’t last long but as short as these moments may be, I try to make the most of this down time which would not occur again until next year. It is the kind of break I need to rejuvenate and get disconnected from the crazy world we live in.

One of these projects is an online one. I have been thinking about it for a very long time but it needs a huge organization to set up and then to set it in motion. I want to keep this project ‘simple’ and accessible to anyone, interactive and creative. I will be working on it this Summer and I will keep you posted. As for one of my other project, it is related to my next show. Nothing precise for the moment, but I will let you know in due time.

Meanwhile, valued readers, please visit The World of Sama Art Website ! ^_^

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