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Summer updates and the mysterious project partly unveiled

This time of the year is very calm and even if I will take a couple of days off in August, the Blog will still be updated. I mentioned in my previous post the many projects I am currently working on; among them, one directly concerns my next show and another one is an ‘online project’. I know I caught your attention with this mysterious ‘collective‘ project and since some of you will be off to vacation, I decided it was time to unveil more about it.

The online project is a website. It will be about everything the Sama Team wants to talk about. It will be updated frequently, the content will be varied, the tone informal and the humor dry. The website is now online and only registered users on this Blog will be able to access it. I know, life can be so unfair sometimes 😉

You will receive an email with all the instructions (URL, login/password) to connect to this new website. You will also be able to upload avatars for your comments out there. The site is not officially opened yet, it will be in September when we will decide to. In the meantime, you are invited to let us know about what you think and we hope you will enjoy this Gazette coming out from the World of Sama! ^_^

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