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My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus

I am back from no man’s land and fully connected to the real world -again. I wish I could totally disconnect from all the bad news but it is simply impossible… Unless I lived in a cave, like a troglodyte. Anyway. I have been writing a lot those past weeks and what was once a script has become a book. I realized each scene was so detailed that it would be too frustrating to cut them because a script needs to be clear, without extra long descriptions (but mines are not as long -nor as good- as Flaubert’s ones). So I rewrote the whole thing and the script should be released as a full book, although it may change, I don’t know yet. I guess I got so inspired by my ‘retreat’ I couldn’t stop writing, the flow of ideas just kept coming… Good thing!

But I didn’t spend all days writing, I also drew on my Moleskine, I will show you a few pages some day. I also watched (again) North by Northwest and To Catch a Thief, both with Cary Grant as you may already know, and enjoyed a glass of Asti Spumante. I didn’t drink Asti for a long time since I usually don’t drink alcohol (exception made for really good French red wines) but this white sparkling wine produced in Piedmont, Italy, is very refreshing and tasty. Listening to Dean Martin, Leonard Cohen and Wynton Marsalis; I felt like in heaven for a moment. And last but not least, my new vinyl toy: a black Goldorus by Mist. It is huge and this beautiful piece has pride of place on my desk aside a Mazinger Z and a vintage Astro Boy figure.

I will probably write about all these things soon, but I won’t give you more information about what I have done this summer. I am already amazed by the way I kinda expose myself on this blog, I am afraid I can’t go any further giving more details. I guess the ‘anti-reclusive therapy’ by writing on this blog is working pretty well. I will have a very busy September being out of town (and out the country) most part of the time but I will come back with hot news about my next show.

I hope you all have had some good times this Summer, I can see you had a lot to comment while I was away. Keep enjoying this place as much as I do. ^_^

PS: On Katrina third anniversary, hurricane Gustav is threatening to hit the US Gulf coast. I hope New Orleans and other cities around won’t be flooded and devastated again… Hulks and your friends living there, stay safe. I am supposed to come next year to sing with your band! 😉

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