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Today is this blog’s first anniversary — Geez!

One year from now, same day and almost same time, I was launching this blog. Like I said in my first post, I’m not very comfortable talking about me, my personal life… But I really enjoy talking about my work, my projects, my thoughts, my sources of inspiration. And I did in near 50 posts since April last year. Waow! I impress myself, I never thought I could write so many posts (although I am surely not the most productive blogger on the Web, I can easily concede that).

But most of all, I want to thank you all for your interest and your curiosity about my work. Almost 840 comments, more than 120 registered users and many regulars (not to mention the one time only misled visitors) stopping by this blog everyday and coming from the four corners of the earth. I hope you will keep reading my posts and enjoy this place for what it is: a small part of the World Of Sama, sparingly shared and kinda hidden amidst an always expanding world wide web nebula.

Enough for the speech, let’s get down to serious talks. To mark this first anniversary, some of you suggested I could answer questions you are supposed to be dying to ask me (sic). So for once let’s do it, you can send your question(s) using the form on this page. Even if I will read them all, I can not guarantee I will answer to every single one of them but I will do my best. I will publish the answers in a post next week, so let’s get carried away! ^_^

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