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Tim Tsui and Alice Chan at the Galeries Lafayette (Paris)

First of all I am sorry I didn’t answer yet to your questions but I received A LOT more than expected. So please indulge me some more days 😉

Yesterday I was walking on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, I had an important meeting nearby. I was in a hurry as I was stuck in a traffic jam… I went by the Galeries Lafayette and then something caught my attention: 6-foot Bear Qees in the shop windows! The department store is currently doing a promotion called Asiatic focusing on Asian themes and culture (23rd April thru May 17th) and five artists were invited for a live painting show last week.

Tim Tsui (I have to get the Da Warrior Blood Diamond Version!) and Alice Chan but also iLK, Supakich, Koralie… The Qees will be sold at Artoyz (www). So if by any chance you go by the Galeries Lafayette (although I know it is far from where some of you live), take some time to see the windows shop (Lafayette Gourment entrance). It really worth it.

More pics at VinylPulse.

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