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Upcoming 2009 Show: Welcome to the Sama Zone!

I told you you would get information about my next show pretty soon and every reader of this Blog should have received an invitation for the event by now. So, as some of you already know, my upcoming show won’t take place anywhere, it will be an online show. This is not the first time I make a ‘virtual show’, I did it more than a decade ago and I know some you were already following me at this time (time is passing so quickly, isn’t it?).

Fifteen years later, the technology has evolved and it won’t be an online show like it was the first times. The invitation already tells a lot: you will have to use a phone to see it. For my last show, some of you came from the United States, Australia, Norway, Spain and other countries just to see my one-night show in Paris. That was amazing but since there is no pictures taken from my shows, I know the ones who couldn’t make it to Paris were kind of frustrated.

I took that point into consideration when I decided to make my show online this time. I wish I could make an exhibition of my art in every city so everyone who wants to see my work won’t have to cross an Ocean, take a plane or train, and stop working a day just to see it. Maybe I will in the future, so my exhibition could be closer to you but it will take place in very uncommon places, you already know that, don’t you? 😉

If you have not subscribed to this Blog, or if you are not in our mailing-list yet, you can ask for an invitation using this form. I have been working on this show for quite a long time, I thought maybe it would be ‘easier’ to make it ‘virtual’ but in fact it is taking me much more time since we have to be sure everything will work perfectly for everyone. I hope you will enjoy it, some exclusive work will be revealed.

See you in November! ^_^

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