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Solar storm to create global chaos, complete darkness

While we are fighting on Planet Earth for sometimes very unimportant reasons (and we don’t fight enough for some other very important issues), a storm may be brewing above our heads. A solar storm, even a severe one. Last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted a state of maximum solar activity that may strike Earth, causing total darkness this decade.

From the International Business Times website: ‘Forecasters and operators at the agency are keeping a close eye as the sun enters a phase of activity that may cause severe disruption of global power grids, airline communication, military satellites and even GPS applications on mobile phones and cars […] The NOAA has mentioned that similar solar activity was also seen during the year 1859 when a geomagnetic storm triggered by the solar eruptions induced currents that surged through telegraph cables, the electrical systems of the time.’

On Reuters they say: ‘Three large explosions from the Sun over the past few days have prompted U.S. government scientists to caution users of satellite, telecommunications and electric equipment to prepare for possible disruptions over the next few days.’

If we don’t die on the 2012 Apocalypse , then maybe we will the year after since the next peak, called a solar maximum, is expected in 2013… And now, NASA has found DNA building blocks in space? Geez, this is a sign the life cycle of humanity may be over soon; or maybe not!

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