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May 14, 2011


Kids coloring da-eYe!

This year’s World Kids Coloring Day was about da-eYe. Surprisingly (or maybe not…), my character from the Eighties drew a lot of attention. Last year, kids made me draw the #World of Sama characters they wanted to color like a Sama Hané with a crown, a Sama ‘classic’, the Sama Twins and many others. But #da-eYe said on his website 2011 was his year, and kids seem to agree with that unilateral statement and wanted to honor him. Drawing a da-eYe is not complicated and the kids didn’t need my help, all they needed was a compass and a ruler. I always enjoy these workshops which allow children to express themselves and spend an afternoon drawing, discussing. We indeed discussed a lot about the recent events: Osama Bin Laden‘s death, even #Libya and environmental issues… I didn’t bring those topics, they did and were very incline to talk about them….Read more

May 11, 2010


Kids coloring the World of Sama

Last week was World Kids Coloring Day. The annual event is supported by Save the Children and sponsored by Staedtler, and it is aimed to support Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign. I think this is a great initiative and like many commented on the post published on the Sama Gazette on this special day, I wish this event had more media exposure because I didn’t read anything about it last week. Maybe we all missed the articles but it is still very surprising such an event has passed almost unnoticed… This weekend, like I do as often as I can (and definitely not as often as I would like to), I organized a ‘coloring class’ with a dozen kids. I asked them what they wanted me to draw and following their suggestions (a Sama Hané with a crown, a Sama ‘classic’, the Sama Twins, etc) I drew to…Read more

Dec 12, 2009

Works / Projects

International Human Rights Day 2009: Every Human Has Rights

It has already been a year. Time goes by so fast… The “60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary” Initiative is a year old but it is like it was yesterday. It was a great experience and I had the opportunity to meet with very interesting people. The heads of the organizations who signed the initiative such as: Mary Robinson (Member of The Elders), Geneviève Garrigos (President of Amnesty International France – AIF), Jacques Hintzy (President of the French National Committee for UNICEF), Stéphane Hessel (Ambassador of France, Participant in drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), François Zimeray (Ambassador for Human Rights), Jean-Marie Fardeau (Paris Office Director, Human Rights Watch – HRW), Souhayr Belhassen (President of the International Federation for Human Rights – FIDH), Pierre Sané (Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO), Francisco Galindo Velez (UNHCR Representative for France), Yves Berthelot (Chairman of the French Comité for the…Read more

Oct 31, 2009

Works / Projects

The Sama Online Show 2009 is a success!

Thanks to all of you who watched my online show yesterday! We have sent many invitations (registered, regulars, on request, newcomers…) and almost everyone could make it and connected to the server. The live feed went fine and I appreciate the many questions you asked me. Most of them were very specific and made me realized there are some experts concerning my work. This online show was a great experience for me and I suppose it was for you too, from the many emails I received. In the coming days, the necklace that was shown during the show will be on sale on my Official Website and one of the artwork from the Sama in the Sky New Series will be published on The World of Sama Art Website; the artwork was the one most voted by you during the show. As for the necklace, it is a very limited edition…Read more

Oct 14, 2009

Works / Projects

Upcoming 2009 Show: Welcome to the Sama Zone!

I told you you would get information about my next show pretty soon and every reader of this Blog should have received an invitation for the event by now. So, as some of you already know, my upcoming show won’t take place anywhere, it will be an online show. This is not the first time I make a ‘virtual show’, I did it more than a decade ago and I know some you were already following me at this time (time is passing so quickly, isn’t it?). Fifteen years later, the technology has evolved and it won’t be an online show like it was the first times. The invitation already tells a lot: you will have to use a phone to see it. For my last show, some of you came from the United States, Australia, Norway, Spain and other countries just to see my one-night show in Paris. That was amazing…Read more

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