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Kids coloring da-eYe!

This year’s World Kids Coloring Day was about da-eYe. Surprisingly (or maybe not…), my character from the Eighties drew a lot of attention. Last year, kids made me draw the #World of Sama characters they wanted to color like a Sama Hané with a crown, a Sama ‘classic’, the Sama Twins and many others. But #da-eYe said on his website 2011 was his year, and kids seem to agree with that unilateral statement and wanted to honor him.

Drawing a da-eYe is not complicated and the kids didn’t need my help, all they needed was a compass and a ruler. I always enjoy these workshops which allow children to express themselves and spend an afternoon drawing, discussing. We indeed discussed a lot about the recent events: Osama Bin Laden‘s death, even #Libya and environmental issues… I didn’t bring those topics, they did and were very incline to talk about them. Unexpected, even baffling.

I do these coloring classes for a long time now, and they are not affiliated to #World Kids Coloring Day or to any other organization/event. We celebrate this special Kids day every year, during one of the workshop. Over the years I have been contacted by several organizations and asked if I would organize a bigger event; it is something I have been thinking about a lot for quite some time now and I would be happy to support children who need help. In progress!

Amongst the many drawings kids did on that day, I chose a collaborative one by Jérémy, Olivia, Malik and Bérénice. They drew a great da-eYe although there was a little problem with the black pencil they used to color him; hopefully there were many others. Kids always impress me by their ability to express their feelings in drawings. They will build tomorrow’s world and they bring hope to our future. We should never forget it, protect and support them as much as we can.

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