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World Of Sama Exhibition + Website redesign

I’ve been quite busy lately working on my next exhibition and the redesign of the World of Sama Website. I already mentioned this exhibition in one of my post and I’ve got some news about it. It will take place ‘this winter’ in Paris. Like my first Sama Exhibition (in an abandoned house in countryside), this one will be private and hosted in a cosy Parisian apartment (for a change, I like surprising places), not a gallery. It will be a one-evening exhibition, on invitation only. I will give you more details about it soon. Since it will be in an apartment, I won’t make big Sama installations like the last time but be sure I plan something huge ^_^

About the World of Sama Website redesign. The new World Of Sama (WoS) Website is online and kicking, and it’s much more pleasant to read. Sections of the site are now up to date with new content. But I will still publish my recent works here first, some kind of a privilege for those who read this blog frequently. For the latecomers who don’t already know the WoS Website, then go visit it and for the others (let’s say the true Sama fans), check it again maybe you missed something the first time. Let me know what you think about it.

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