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Kids coloring the World of Sama

Last week was World Kids Coloring Day. The annual event is supported by Save the Children and sponsored by Staedtler, and it is aimed to support Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign. I think this is a great initiative and like many commented on the post published on the Sama Gazette on this special day, I wish this event had more media exposure because I didn’t read anything about it last week. Maybe we all missed the articles but it is still very surprising such an event has passed almost unnoticed…

This weekend, like I do as often as I can (and definitely not as often as I would like to), I organized a ‘coloring class’ with a dozen kids. I asked them what they wanted me to draw and following their suggestions (a Sama Hané with a crown, a Sama ‘classic’, the Sama Twins, etc) I drew to each one a unique Sama artwork. But then came the hard work for them: use crayons to put some colors on the black and white World of Sama. We all had a great time and it is always inspiring to see kids drawing on the Sama and give them life with colors.

These ‘coloring classes’ or workshops are something I do for a long time now, and they are not affiliated to the World Kids Coloring Dayor to any other organization/event. But I must say I wonder if this exchange with kids couldn’t be even more interesting and efficient if I join forces with an organization so I could bring my two cents to a campaign aimed to support children who need help (furniture, education…). I will see how these workshops will evolve in the future since I am already working on a project involving kids.

For now, enjoy a shot at some of the drawings that were done last weekend!

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