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The Chibi entered the Sama Zone yesterday in Paris

A quick post to thank everyone who came to see my exhibition on Friday. It is always exciting to show my work and share it with open minded and curious people. As some of you have noticed, I am not very comfortable with camera and interviews about myself, but I was keen to answer to all the questions you had about the World of Sama and my work. And some of you really asked me a lot! 🙂

So I hope you had a great time during the show. This exhibition was the second ‘Private Event’, there will probably be a third one next year (not in an abandoned house in countryside, neither in a cozy apartment near the Eiffel Tower), I’m already thinking about a new unexpected place for the Sama Zone. And maybe it won’t be a private place anymore but a public one. I have some ideas.

Most people who came yesterday were from France but some others came from England, Spain, Belgium and even the United States. Thanks again for your interest into my work and for taking the time to come and see it. Walls of the apartment will remember this night (rubber gloves prints are everywhere!), and I hope you will remember it too. It was a great pleasure to meet you ‘for real’, I will keep you posted about my new projects on this blog.


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