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Oct 7, 2012


Skwak launches SNEAKYMOB lifestyle boutiques in China

I love everything French artist Skwak does. So much I have created a Skwak tag on this blog. I bought several of his toys and plushes, I downloaded his app on my iPhone, but I’m still looking for the umbrella (I don’t use umbrella but this one I might). From Jeremy Brautman’s Blog ‘Jeremyriad’ (including picture below): ‘Partnering with Chinese entrepreneur, Tye Chen, SKWAK launched SNEAKYMOB, a pair of lifestyle boutiques in Shanghai and Chengdu […] SKWAK designed a range of graphic and character merchandise including shirts, denim, hats, housewares, textiles, furniture and there’s even colorful SNEAKYMOB wristbands…’ I’m glad for Skwak’s fans from China but what about the ones in Europe, France?

Mar 13, 2009


Goldorus, Orus, Malus, Bonass… Mist ‘The Infamous’ is in da house!

The first time I mentioned Mist on this blog was almost 2 years ago in the post: Yes, I’m a vinyl fetishist… vinyl toys actually. I was introducing those of you who didn’t know yet about vinyl toys, to the artists I appreciate the most. I later dedicated a post to Fafi and her Fafinettes (Irina’s still missing, by the way…), Mars-1 + Seen + Delta Inc., TimTsui + Alice Chan, Skwak’s Maniac and Koogai and to the Original Fake Kaws Cat Teeth Bank. Last summer I mentioned Mist’s Goldorus figure in: My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus, so today’s post is all about French graff artist Mist “The Infamous”and his amazing vinyl creations. As you may already know, I am not into the collector thing, buying everything an artist creates. But I must admit some artists have the power to make me buy their work,…Read more

Oct 11, 2008


Original Fake Kaws Cat Teeth Bank against global crisis

French Prime Minister François Fillon said last week: “France has moved into an official recession“, and “The world was is on the edge of the abyss“. The U.S and major European countries are spending billions to save the banks from bankruptcy and governments desperately try to reassure their clients. Not to mention the billions of dollars the U.S (and many other countries…) already spent on the bottomless pit the War on Terror is. So much money and so many efforts for mistakes and bad decisions each individual will now have to pay for. No wonder why there is a strong ‘crisis of confidence’ in our political leaders and financial markets. It seems so easy to find billions to ‘set things right’ when it is so hard to find the money to eradicate recurring diseases, hunger and poverty for hundred of millions of people. This is how the world we live…Read more

Jun 22, 2008


Skwak’s Maniac and Koogai are really ‘too much’

A year ago, in my post: Yes, I’m a vinyl fetishist… vinyl toys actually, I briefly mentioned Skwak and his Maniac Figure produced last year by MINDstyle; I think it is time to talk about it again. Skwak is one of the many great french artists like Fafi and her Fafinettes, Rolito, KOA, Miss Van, 123Klan, Run, Superdeux, Tilt or Mist (his Goldorus is gorgeous!), and his unique graphic universe has a meaning: ‘too much’. Everything is exaggerated in Skwakworld but that’s how our real world is and I totally agree with that. The World of Sama also depicts a crazy world but in a different way and that (cynical?) vision we share is what definitely made me a fan of his work. Each of his illustration is very detailed and you have to carefully look at it to get the whole story it is telling. The crazy Maniacs and…Read more

Apr 30, 2008


Tim Tsui and Alice Chan at the Galeries Lafayette (Paris)

First of all I am sorry I didn’t answer yet to your questions but I received A LOT more than expected. So please indulge me some more days 😉 Yesterday I was walking on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, I had an important meeting nearby. I was in a hurry as I was stuck in a traffic jam… I went by the Galeries Lafayette and then something caught my attention: 6-foot Bear Qees in the shop windows! The department store is currently doing a promotion called Asiatic focusing on Asian themes and culture (23rd April thru May 17th) and five artists were invited for a live painting show last week. Tim Tsui (I have to get the Da Warrior Blood Diamond Version!) and Alice Chan but also iLK, Supakich, Koralie… The Qees will be sold at Artoyz (www). So if by any chance you go by the Galeries Lafayette (although I…Read more

Jan 17, 2008


Mars-1 Observer Seen and Delta Inc. have landed

Finally! The new Mars-1 Observer 6 inches tall vinyl figure designed by painter and sculptor Mars-1 (Mario Martinez) from San Francisco and edited by STRANGEco, has been delivered yesterday. I already have several vinyl figures from this artist: Mars-1 Observer Green, Red, Gray, Black and Zoltron Edition, and the set counts now two others: Mars-1 Observer Seen Edition and Mars-1 Observer Delta Inc. Edition. I posted an article about Seen last year: From sgraffiti to graffiti, from Cauchie to Seen if you want to know more about him, and his Mars-1 Observer vinyl figure is surprising. No graffiti Art but a special color scheme; cyan, red and white with a subtle electric circuit pattern on the surface of the figure. The “6” in the center being a reference to Seen’s design company, Planet 6. Boris Tellegen (aka Delta Inc.) is from Amsterdam and his figure is all about colors: red,…Read more

Oct 15, 2007


Fafinettes: Jeanette and Claude, but still no Irina…

A quick post about my new toys. I just received (better late than never…) 2 new vinyl Fafinettes, Jeanette and Claude. They are nearly 8 inches tall (19 cm approximately) and the figures are exact creations from graffiti artist Fafi‘s sketches. The toys have been produced by adFunture Workshop, in a limited edition of 2000 pieces. I already have the Sony capsule toys, Jeanette and Claude but Irina, the 11 inches tall rotocast vinyl figure (the Tan Colette version, limited to 200 pieces) produced last year by Necessaries Toy Foundation, is still missing in my collection (sadly sold out). As you already know if you have been reading my blog for a while, I really like Fafi’s paintings, drawings and sketches. Fafinettes are sweet, funny, sexy, explosive, liberated… They can be seen adorning street walls, on canvas and furniture, or even styling clothing. I also have the ‘Fafinettes Adidas pink…Read more

Sep 26, 2007

Design / Art

From sgraffiti to graffiti, from Cauchie to Seen

I was first impressed by graffiti, then by sgraffiti. A pun that sums up my first approach with decorative Art. Graffiti Art is now worldwide known but it’s in the mid-1980s I had my first graffiti experience. I remember French artists like Lokiss or Bando, it was a great era even if graffiti were then only regarded like vandalism; at the same time, graffiti artist Futura 2000 was asked to work on a commercial for RATP (Paris Metro/Bus company). It was then a little inconsistent, not to say two-faced. Still today, it’s like graffiti are more welcomed in galleries than in the streets… I will not tell you the history of graffiti, many people already wrote about it but graffiti has existed since ancient times and has even been found in Pompeii. It has always been employed to communicate social or political messages. Recently, graffiti artist Seen, one of the…Read more

Aug 23, 2007

Works / Projects

My vintage orange desk and a big Sama sticker

The 1930s were a great time for movies and design, as well as the 1950s and the 1970s. I have several furniture and objects from the Seventies, reminding me when I was a kid (along with Abba, Star Wars, flares pants…). Everything was ‘designed’, from the Maruman table cigarettes lighter (made in Japan) to the ‘Boby’ storage cart by Joe Columbo (made in Italy) in the late 60’s. Colors were fresh, orange, green, red or yellow. If you like this period, then you would probably enjoy this photo I took 2 days ago. This is the vintage desk I’m often working on, listening to Donna Summer or Leonard Cohen. There is an orange phone (I don’t use it), an orange alarm-clock (displaying the right time only once a day), an orange apple shaped ice-cube storage and some orange vinyl toys (Stereotype 04: Be My Guest, two red Rolito birds). And…Read more

Jun 29, 2007


Yes, I’m a vinyl fetishist… vinyl toys actually.

Urban vinyl toys, vinyl figures, designer toys; all these terms are used to describe toys and other collectibles (plastic or vinyl) you might have already seen somewhere. When I published my first Sama drawings on the Internet, back in 1999, I was working on a 3D model of the Sama Water Tank, made with clay. The result was approximate but my Sama went to life in real 3D. I had a Mazinger Z figure on my desk, an Astro Boy on a shelf aside this Sama kind-of-thing; that was before I heard of Michael Lau. The Gardeners, his first original action figures created in the late nineties, were the start of a whole new industry, the designer toys industry was born. It would be too long to talk about every artist, designer and figure but I can tell you is that I really like vinyl toys. I’m not making a…Read more




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